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Comment PA - basic touch screen (Score 1) 821

I live in rural PA. I voted about 15 minutes before the polls closed, at 7:45 pm. There was no line, I did have to show ID, because I was a first time voter, and the ballot was on a pretty standard touch screen with smart card. The only unusal thing I noticed was a slight UI delay flipping "pages" of the ballot.

Comment Re:Tomorrow night? (Score 1) 409

Following constitutional law can be such a pain. But whatever individuals can do, groups should be able to do as well. Else their rights are being violated. That's the core of the Citizens United ruling.

I've read some fiction where corporations have exactly the same rights as citizens (i.e. right to vote, etc.) and if you joined a corporation or nation, you had to revoke your citizenship in any previous entity.

Comment Re:Um... (Score 1) 590

Only thing you can do is create hydrogen as a fuel using vast solar arrays.. Unfortunately the fuel tanks would need to be 4x bigger, cooled, and instead of leaking, will explode. This may qualify as the dumbest question on slashdot I've seen.

Slush hydrogen solves some of these problems, the energy density is higher, the tanks can be smaller, but you still need cooling and added complexity.

Comment Re:Why so anonymous? (Score 1) 1160

Before you get too caught up in your jingoism, do remember that the Obama administration had the guy who made the "Innocence of Muslims" movie thrown in jail through some trumped-up parole violation. (Apparently posting a video with a screen name is "using an alias" now.)

Even in the grand old United States, you only have "freedom" of speech until they figure out some other way to send you to jail.

Apparently, posting a video to YouTube under a screen name is a violation of his parole agreement to
a) not use the Internet
b) not use fictitious names.

Comment Re:Woops (Score 1) 158

Wasn't one of those examples related to recipes? Have you ever tried to surf the web while cooking?

If you thought your keyboard was dirty now...

yes, all the time. I have a netbook that is my kitchen computer. I look up recipes, etc. It's not dirty, because I don't have it in the same part of the kitchen that I'm measuring ingredients in.

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