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Comment Re:Um... (Score 1) 590

Only thing you can do is create hydrogen as a fuel using vast solar arrays.. Unfortunately the fuel tanks would need to be 4x bigger, cooled, and instead of leaking, will explode. This may qualify as the dumbest question on slashdot I've seen.

Slush hydrogen solves some of these problems, the energy density is higher, the tanks can be smaller, but you still need cooling and added complexity.

Comment Re:Why so anonymous? (Score 1) 1160

Before you get too caught up in your jingoism, do remember that the Obama administration had the guy who made the "Innocence of Muslims" movie thrown in jail through some trumped-up parole violation. (Apparently posting a video with a screen name is "using an alias" now.)

Even in the grand old United States, you only have "freedom" of speech until they figure out some other way to send you to jail.

Apparently, posting a video to YouTube under a screen name is a violation of his parole agreement to
a) not use the Internet
b) not use fictitious names.

Comment Re:Woops (Score 1) 158

Wasn't one of those examples related to recipes? Have you ever tried to surf the web while cooking?

If you thought your keyboard was dirty now...

yes, all the time. I have a netbook that is my kitchen computer. I look up recipes, etc. It's not dirty, because I don't have it in the same part of the kitchen that I'm measuring ingredients in.

Comment Re:All Edison's fault (Score 1) 1080

100% sounds efficient, but if you're set on electric heating then it's pretty lousy compared to an electric heat-pump. For example, I have an aircon at home that runs at about 400-500% efficiency for heating - not unusual these days. Admittedly, though, it's not so easy to fit as a light bulb, and not so bright either!

I've got a heat pump and it's much more affordable in the winter than electric heating. My wife's previous apartment was the bottom floor of a converted old house with electric radiant panels in the ceiling. It was a terrible design, because if you were right under them, you'd feel a bit of warmth, but they didn't heat the house at all (well, probably the upstairs neighbors). Her 2-room apartment had a $350 / month electric bill in the winter, and she kept her thermostat at 50F. Now, we live in a 6-room house with a heat pump, and our electric bill is about $160 in the winter, with the thermostat at 68F.

Comment Re:Cool but... (Score 1) 89

PayPal is highly profitable. Even though Musk is no longer involved in the company, it helped to bankroll his future endeavors. SpaceX has the potential to be highly profitable, although its fortunes (at least initially) will be tied closely to the whims and political meanderings of NASA's budget.

According to TFA, SpaceX is _already_ profitable, with a backlog of orders.

Comment Re:Your first server, in 2012 (Score 1) 152

The problem is that you have to support all of that equipment you just threw together all piecemeal-like. Do you have spare parts available? If no, how much does it cost to have them shipped overnight? Are they still available via retail channels or do you have to dredge through eBay? How much does it cost to purchase and store spare inventory? Do you have the equipment to test for failed components without the possibility of frying other equipment?

Those "Big Three" server companies charge more because of service and support so you don't have to worry as much about those things. RMA and forget. And yeah, I'm saying that with a straight face.

There are times where a company is small enough to where your tech has enough idle time to deal with a white box server. Other times, your techs are better utilized doing other work.

The Big 3 have the same problems. I've seen lots of IBM servers have failed RAID controller batteries, which IBM won't replace under warranty because they're "consumable", and won't replace for a fee because they aren't available anymore. On the other hand, installing a third-party part voids the warranty anyway.

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