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Comment Ethical problems? (Score 1) 233

In simple standard case, it's just a matter of an identical twin with a different age. Can't see what's ethically questionable or complex about that.

But there's a hidden snag: normally, there would be no reason to do that. Once there is a more specific motive, the questions start popping up. Most cases have parallels already, but safe, efficient cloning would make them more accessible and likely:

Clueless idiots raising a clone to be a replacement for a lost child isn't in principle any different from clueless people today raising a normal sibling to be a replacement. But it might be more *likeley*.

Conceiving with the specific aim of transplanting is already an ethical conundrum we have to handle today, but with cloning it would be a lot more promising in fulfilling its aim, and the request much more common. Hopefully w'ed be able to grow organs without a clone by then, but you never know.

Comment Re:Logic is Logic (Score 5, Informative) 103

No, but it sums up all the useful/practical ones.
If you only have two inputs, there are only 4 rows in the table,:
| A | B |
| 0 | 0 |
| 0 | 1 |
| 1 | 0 |
| 1 | 1 |

This yields only 16 possible output columns:
0000 - does not vary with input
0001 - AND
0010 - not commutative
0011 - reacts only to A
0100 - not commutative
0101 - reacts only to B
0110 - XOR
0111 - OR
1000 - NOR
1001 - XNOR
1010 - reacts only to B
1011 - not commutative
1100 - reacts only to A
1101 - not commutative
1110 - NAND
1111 - does not react to input

That makes 6 potentialy desirable operations. The seventh is NOT, which takes only one input.
The not commutative ones could conceivably be put to useful work, but in physical designs the asymmetry is impractical, and you can trivially construct them from other gates if need be. In fact some of the useful ones ar also usually constructed from combinations of the others, and all of them *can* be constructed from combinations of NAND gates.

Comment Re:Still Wrong (Score 1) 926

Amen. When people don't even spot the glaringly obvious (and frequently demonstrated) flaw that uregulated markets don't remain freee for very long, it's really hard not to extrapolate about their general capacity for evaluating societal systems or for logic in general.

There's the Unseen Hand of Adam Smith, and then there's the unseen hand of Santa Claus. Thay are not the same.

Comment Re:Bitrot (Score 1) 472

-- all it takes is keeping two lengthy sets of logic rules with highly complex behavior and formulated in different laguages in perfect sync at all times

There, I fixed it for you.

Comment Re:All comments are lies. (Score 1) 472

But on the serious side, more like

// This comparator is performance critical and intentionally left messy after empirical optimisation. // Do NOT change it without TESTING that sort performance does not suffer for 500K+ rows.


// Since extrudeStrands() has side effects we don't control, we can't use the Gnocci pattern here.

Comment All comments are lies. (Score 4, Interesting) 472

That sounds harsh, and of course it doesn't fit 100% of the time, but if you look closely enough it is true a frightening part of it.

The only thing you can trust is the code.

When I write comments it is usually to say "this code might look like an opportunity for this or that refactoring/optimisation. Don't do it becauase..."
Yes, ideally the code should express this directly, and commetns are an admission of defeat, but sometimes we are defeated.

Comment Re:Will they attempt this in the EU as well? (Score 3, Insightful) 393

"One big reason Apple doesn't use USB is that the dock connector does more than just USB."

Does it, now? With airplay and whatnot, the need to transmit analog audio and video is rapidly disappearing, which is probably why the new plug has nine pins in stead of the previous billion. It's been months since I used my cable for anything besides charging, and I really can't see what I'd want from it that USB + wifi + bluetooth can't already offer.

Let's face it: it's a money-making ploy and nothing more.
It is of course entirely within their rights to use proprietary designs that way, but harassing people trying to adapt to it is not (or shouldn't be), and it is entirely within my rights to dispise and chastise them for it in any case.

Comment Re:..and the actual link is: (Score 1) 211

when the BBC Micro was introduced they used to broadcast source code on a few of the Ceefax pages overnight.

Ah, that brings me back.

This was proabably also the reason the BBC micro had a native teletext display mode (good old "mode 7"), which gave you the magic combo of fairly pretty text, color, and even primitive graphics in only 1K of display memory. A real life-saver for many apps when the whole thing only had 32K.

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