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Comment Re:A billion times. (Score 1) 352

If I recall the movie correctly, it was an asteroid that got knocked out of orbit by something else and went screaming hellbent for Earth, so it wasn't a predicted or noted asteroid. (I could be wrong, it's been a while) So basically it might just as well be an an extra-solar object time-period of warning. I.e.- we're screwed.

Comment Re:Corporations are people? (Score 1) 244

"We still have laws against deceptive advertising,..."

As long as you don't published an outright, provable lie, you can weasel almost anything. Even politicians ads that say "Obama wants to eat your children" is linked to some very obscure rider on a bill for the Forest Department that has language "Increased funding for anti-bear child eating" and if voted down, you can make the quadruple somersault connection without being a total lie.

Can you tell I basically hate all ads and the government in general? :D

Comment Tangential wanderings (Score 1) 360

Does anyone else notices that within the first 1-5 postings someone will say something that is mildly tangential to the article, and then then comments run off into a completely different territory? For example, in these comments we get into pricing, regulations, etc. and I have to skip down 1/3 of the page to get back to anything remotely applicable to the article.

Back on track now- of course pirates are going to win. 6(?) billion to a few thousand. I belong to a rather large movie news/reviews/fan site, and of the dozens of people I know there, they would all rather have legitimate discs or legal downloads/streaming than pulling down torrents. Problem #1 is trying to find the stuff legally, and #2 is it costs so freaking much (normally). I'm talking about people that have DVD/B-R collections in the hundreds. Make it easy to get, don't charge us $50 for "Teddy Ruxpin Takes a Poop" so you can smoke Cuban cavier cigars rolled in seal skin wrappers, and don't treat us lot idiots. I'm kind of surprised Anonymous has gone full out ninja on the XXIAs yet.

Hmm, I fell better now. /rant

Comment Re:A good reason to go independent (Score 1) 550

I never registered for either party because neither one really truly espouses my beliefs. Nor do I trust either party. And I find all campaign "promises" to be lies, for the most part. The only downside is that in my state I can't vote in primaries. And considering that when I talk to my mom she will end of bitching about all the crap mail and tons of phone calls they get because my dad is so stupidly conservative he sends money to anyone Limbaugh tells him to, there's no way I'm ever getting involved in any way with any political party. Until there is a monkey party- that I will spend a few bananas on (see my sig).

Comment Nah, let China try Mars first (Score 1) 154

They'll mess it up royally. And no, I'm not being racist or patriotic or any other thing you'll throw at me. And I'm not hoping anyone dies or anything like that. It's that China wants to make a big push into space for some reason. The US and the Soviet Union did that back in the 60s, and a whole lot of bad stuff happened to both countries. Why? Because we were in "The Space Race." Even did an article on the Soviet's hushed up failures. So let someone else test out the technology before we even try it.

Comment Counter sue? (Score 2) 197

I'm not really up with the current BS IP/copyright/etc laws, but if the porno guy came at you with what is basically a BS claim, wouldn't counter-suing him be a good option? May need to take out a loan, but since the article says it's established law that an IP address isn't enough for a suit, wouldn't that be something like a frivolous suit?

Please correct me if I'm incorrect.

Comment Some comments (Score 1) 228

1) I need to hold a phone to my ear while trying to do the stuff the support guy tells me to do.
2) Occasional (or frequent, depending on company) hard to understand accents.
3) I don't have the greatest of hearing to begin with.
4) The support person sometimes/oftentimes can't understand me (yes, could be my fault)
5) Typing leaves nothing to guess at, as opposed to trying to understand some garbled words.
6) If the person is leaving parts out of your question, just ask for clarification.
7) Relax. Don't give yourself a stroke.

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