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Comment Re:Justification of Apathy (Score 1) 525

The US used to have a colossal pool of engineers, scientists and skilled workers.

We still do. We have so many scientists that they can't find academic work, and industry isn't hiring. The "skills gap" you hear companies bitching about exists only because they refuse to provide training. They expect their workers to emerge from Zeus's head fully formed and armored like Athena. This works when only a few companies are doing it, but it breaks down when everybody does it.

All that went overseas to china who, incidentally, understand this transfer of expertise and it's strategic importance

We didn't get hit over the head with a gigantic rock and lose every engineer we had. China just created more. That's called progress, and I thought /. was all for better science in the world?

Comment Re:Anti-Science Europeans Chase Business to Americ (Score 1) 288

The people who think that climate change is a socialist plot are convinced that climate scientists are making claims about global climate change because it fits well with the people clamoring for renewable power, emissions control, and energy saving, and not the other way around. These people are what we like to call "wrong."

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