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Comment Re:nice (Score 1) 9

I considered an upgrade, but F11 by default didn't create a large enough root filesystem for preupgrade to work, so in the end, I just did a full install. BTW, I'd highly recommend F12. I felt that F10 and F11 were both very weak, and was considering looking for another distribution. But F12 is much better, and is back to where older Fedora releases were in terms of stability and functionality.
PC Games (Games)

Journal Journal: SOAP 2

Yes, yes, and more yes. This is all too familiar. I've had the misfortune of having to use this abomination. Sadly, I'm going to have to do so again in the near future, too :-(

Comment Re:Broken here (Score 1) 15

This might be related to the fact that everyone's journals seem to have been deleted. Sometimes I just shake my head in amazement at the ineptitude of Taco and co. I often feel they get more flak than they deserve. But then they go and prove that sometimes it really is merited...

Journal Journal: The problem with SQL 7

I have two tables. One represents individual customers. The other represents groups of customers. For the application I'm writing, I want to be able to apply restrictions to certain things, and I want the flexibility to be able to do that at either the customer level or the group level. So each table has a cutoff column, which says that any order with an ID lower than the cutoff should be ignored for a particular operation. So I can quite happily do:

Journal Journal: Fingers crossed...

I'm somewhat nervous right now. You see, my main server is moving datacentre. My hosting provider rents rack space, and then resells it to small operations like me. But the datacentre have just doubled their costs, so my hosting provider is taking their business elsewhere. I can't say I blame them. But it means my machine has to move. The problem is, that's something that's fraught with danger. Servers tend to run continuously. On the rare occasions when they're powered down, there's a reasonabl

Comment Spam increase (Score 1) 2

That's not bad going. Most people that complain they get a lot of spam really don't. You on the other hand, are getting a reasonable amount. 1000 a day is quite a bit. You're still an amateur, though. Personally, I've found mine has dropped off recently, from a high of 30000+ a day a few months back. Now it's down to probably 10000/day.

Comment Re:Network printing (Score 1) 15

It doesn't have a parallel interface

Hmmm... Ricoh's web site claimed otherwise. But USB would be fine, if you can find the right cable.

If I do "nc wobbegong.sharks 9100" and type random text, the printer warms up and say "Waiting". After I press Ctrl-C it prints the random text I wrote

If you do cat | nc wobbegong.sharks 9100, does it print? If so, what does tcpdump/wireshark show being sent over the wire when printing with cups, and how does that differ from what works by just sending it to the printer with nc? My guess would be that something other than PostScript is being sent over the wire. There might be some job submission wrapper around the PostScript that your printer is objecting to, or it might just be in some altogether different format. Is your cups setup sending the file via JetDirect, or is it just LPD/IPP that aren't working?

Comment Network printing (Score 1) 15

Forgive me if I'm teaching you to suck eggs. But::
  • Can you print to it from Linux if you plug it in directly using a parallel cable? Even without cups/lpd/whatever, you can just cat some PostScript to /dev/lp0 and see if it works.
  • When on the network, can you ping it?
  • Can you connect to the relevant port (515, 631 or whatever else you're using)?
  • If you're using lpd, I've come across many printers that are very sensitive to having the correct queue name. Check what the correct one should be for that printer.

Cups is very capable, but it's also (necessarily) very complex. I went to a lecture about it by Kurt Pfeifle many years ago, and it was only after that, and after seeing some of his architecture diagrams, that I really understood it. Of course, I've forgotten most of that in the intervening years, but if I can be of help, I will.

Comment Flu vaccines (Score 1) 9

I won't be bothering to infect myself with the flu

I've seen several claims of this from North America. Although my gut instinct was to call bullshit, I thought I'd double check with someone that knows. In my case, that's my ex, who has a degree in infectious diseases and a doctorate in molecular biology. She says she can't 100% rule it out, but the chances are very, very slim.

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