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Comment Always a fundamental weakness of their model (Score 1) 181

When someone else controls the content, you end up as a "dumb pipe". The carriers don't like that (fuck them -- they should just become a public utilitty like the water) and Netflix had the same problem at layer 7. So instead they are burning capital making their own content. Good luck to them.

I assume they made payoffs to the publishers to avoid this problem with DVDs. Redbox would't and famously had troubles.

Comment I won't be one of them... (Score 1) 250

...because Comcast charges me less if I subscribe to TV+Internet than the cost of Internet alone. Its even cheaper if I get cablecard, so I have one taped to the wall where the cable comes in. That way I can find it if I ever cancel service.

Originally it was a special deal but when 11 1/2 months were up I called to cancel TV and the rep said he'd extend it for a year. And also told me to call next year and he was sure they'd extend it again.

I know I'm helping them scam the TV networks but since I don't like them either I figure why not?

Comment As it ever was (Score 1) 39

Revolutions always come from the haves, not the have nots.

The American revolution was the powerful landholders against the powerful government in Whitehall (and was won via lobbying/bribery in London, not on the battlefield). The American civil war was the landed gentry fighting to save their capital (i.e. slaves) against mechanization and increased opposition to slavery in the north.

The French Revolution was not the revolution of the sans coulottes as it was portrayed -- Danton et all were all well education scions of the aristocracy and merchant class. Napoleon was from the provinces, but was wealthy enough to buy a commission under the King.

Lenin and Trotsky were well educated (OK, Stalin was not). Ho Chi Minh attended the Sorbonne. Nehru, Jinna et al met at Oxford.

Comment Re:If true, why are we subsidizing it? (Score 1) 539

You're answering questions I didn't ask. The power companies serve everyone yet we don't subsidize them. Why should this random huge sector receive a subsidy while others don't?

To your point: where I live, Palo Alto, the big madrassas (Sacred Heart, Santa Clara U) serve only the wealthiest. The St Francis church in nearby poverty-stricken East Palo Alto serves fewer kids than the Boys and Girls Club, yet gets a larger subsidy.

If you think that these support services are worth funding, then those can be funded directly. The nonsensical system of arbitrary payments to organizations with opaque finances is, to be most charitable about it, inefficient.

Comment umm, unlikely (Score 4, Informative) 311

I think the largest bluetooth headset seller is some anonymous company in China. The cheap BT headsets you can see on Amazon or Alibaba mostly all look the same, so I suspect are just barely-rebadged versions of the same thing. And surely their volume collectively exceed the sum of Beats, Bose and (never heard of them) Jaybird. And by "volume" I don't just mean units, but as the unit number is so enormous, I also mean dollars.

As for their actual motivations etc...whatever.

Comment Re:Who is "Sources"? (Score 1) 59

It's hard to get good info since the term is so mushy. I was thinking specifically of a combination of running code customer code, storing data, and providing related services. I.e. not just storage (dropbox or box) or vendor provided service (gmail, fastmail, openDNS) or just VMs (maybe i should consider that but I don't use VMs/VPSes).

So in my perhaps artificially restricted definition AWS is the clear #1. I hear anecdotally that microsoft is doing pretty well but their offerings, afaict, aren't of any use to me (not flame bait, I just aren't interested in that stack) and may be beating google. But it feels like both of them (MS and goog) are far behind amazon.

Comment Who is "Sources"? (Score 1) 59

Presumably the mysterious "sources" ("people familiar with the matter") are Google trying to hype up their cloud business which is either #2 or #3 depending on whom you talk to. There's no reason for anyone else to "spill the beans".

I use all those scare quotes because the whole thing is rediculous. Reporters used to care about being played; now they can't be bothered worrying about it.

There are plenty of reasons to choose Google over Amazon and to choose Amazon over Google. Hype is not one of them.

Comment makes a twisted kind of sense (Score 1) 279

Since congress rushed to mandate electronic voting (despite warnings from all the experts that it would increase vulnerabilities) it is clear voting just isn't considered all that important.

Given that it seems quite appropriate to give responsibility to the useless and incompetent DHS.

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