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Comment Re:What's the message? (Score 1) 414

Indeed you are correct - you could have an approximately equal distribution of all digits, but it doesn't tell you anything about the substrings. As a trivial example, a number which contained "13" but never "31" could never contain the string "431". So, to know for sure that you eventually find any given substring within the digits of pi, you need to prove that there is a roughly equal distibution of all digits, plus that all those digits are arranged in every possible ordering.


Fossil of Ant-Eating Dinosaur Discovered In China 64

thomst writes "Charles Q. Choi of LiveScience reports that a farmer in southern Henan Province in China has dug up the first known ant-eating dinosaur, a half-meter-long theropod (the dinosaur family to which T. Rex belongs), whose fossilized remains were described as 'fairly intact'. The 83- to 89-million-year-old pygmy dinosaur has been named named Xixianykus zhangi by Xig Xu, De-you Wang, Corwin Sullivan, David Hone, Feng-lu Han, Rong-hao Yan, and Fu-ming Du, whose paper on the critter, A basal parvicursorine (Theropoda: Alvarezsauridae) from the Upper Cretaceous of China, was published in the March 29 issue of Zootaxa (the abstract is available in PDF format for free, the full article is paywall-protected.)"

Comment What about AFS ? (Score 1) 484

I am surprised that nobody has mentioned it, but what about a server running AFS (Andrew File System).

It has some great features:

Scalable - you can add as many servers as you want
Secure - it uses kerberos by default
Fast - local caches are kept until another client needs them.
Cross platform - openAFS supports pretty much every platform in existence.

Comment Re:AbiWord faces the same issue (Score 3, Informative) 398

I have the same problem with the LiVES project. Over 3 years ago, I managed to compile the sourcecode for OSX/Darwin, it took a lot of fiddling around, but it worked. I excitedly posted the news on the website and mailing lists, but no OSX users seemed interested. Since then, the code has changed a lot, fixes were made for it to compile on IRIX and Solaris.
Recently somebody posted a forum message noting how easy it now is to compile under OSX. I again posted this news, and asked if somebody could kindly compile it and send me a link to the resulting binary. Since then...nothing. Hence I have come to a conclusion about OSX users...well, I will let you guess what it is.

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