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Submission + - Microsoft starts negative campaign against Gmail

Citral writes: In a bid to draw more users to its own Outlook.com email service, Microsoft has launched an anti-Google campaign with the slogan Scroogled. On the campaign website, Microsoft claims that 71% of Gmail users are unaware that their email's words are used to display ads. Moreover, they claim that 60% of Gmail users said they would consider or definitely switch from Gmail because of this practice.

Comment Re:Not constrained (Score 2) 137

An MMO could handle the latency issue better than most other types of games, but it would still suck. Back when I used to play MMOs, my ping was routinely 200ms. It only really got annoying when it was above 500ms. But then the rendering was all done locally and only my position and commands were sent to and from the server, so the game seemed somewhat responsive even when latency was going on behind the scenes.

Absolutely forget any sort of FPS.

Comment Re:Cue the (Score 5, Insightful) 299

Internet access and educational access are quickly becoming the same thing. I have a 15 year old son. Of course he's good with computers and the internet (he's my son after all) but I'm amazed at what his high school coursework requires now. It all but assumes he has constant access to the internet. Hell he even uses his iPod on the school's wifi network for classwork in class.

Of course we have good access at home, but if a kid didn't it would be a huge handicap. Yes, they can go to school computer labs and the library, etc., but even that access is dwindling now that some schools all but assume a good computer and internet access at home. His school is a very good school, but all schools will follow suit eventually.

Comment Re:Sounds like a movie plot (Score 1) 142

For national DEFENSE all you need is a good nuclear stockpile for the major powers and a small conventional force to take care of things like Somali Pirates.

Some good points all around here. I'll just comment on this point alone. What if someone invades you and you want to repel them but you don't exactly feel like starting a major nuclear exchange? That's when you need a bit more than a small conventional force.

That said, my thoughts on the US military (yes, I am a US citizen) is that we should have a large enough force to defend ourselves against ANY invader(s). Then we need to keep that force home and stay the fuck out of other peoples' business. So yeah, I think our current military is too big and is structured incorrectly for that task. War sucks. And we shouldn't be starting ANY wars. But if someone starts one we should be able to finish it.

Comment Re:Simply put... No. (Score 4, Insightful) 589

At the end of the day you have to have more interceptors than I have missiles.

Not if my interceptors are laser or other energy weapon based. Think Missile Command (loved that game at the time...) Sure we may be a ways away from that now, or I should say as far as the *public* knows we may be a ways away from that, but we'll get there...

Comment Re:Open network? (Score 1) 505

Well, technically you're not. Except for the part where you're guilty until proven innocent.

Right. So why even expose myself to any potential risk when I can just close the network and not worry about it. Sounds awesome on paper, and as long as I didn't have bandwidth caps as someone else mentioned and I was guaranteed to never be held liable for somebody torrenting from my IP address, I'd do it. Otherwise, no.

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