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Comment Re:Police state (Score 1) 251

I hope there is some sort of awareness campaign happening across the pond, then. This is the most egregious technological privacy violation I've ever seen. For older people, it needs to be explained as the same as 48 organizations having access to the content of every individual slip of paper and written word in your house at any time they want it. Orwell would have blushed at the audacity.

Comment Re:Do not want. (Score 1) 207

You still watch OTA broadcast stations? I don't even have an antenna hooked up to my TV anymore.

I do because it supplements netflix/other internet option well with all the local free content I need (don't have cable or sat tv). I get about 60 channels. Now granted probably 50 of them are crap, but I get CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, and Fox for free. Granted this only works if you're within range of the broadcast antennas.

Comment Re:My favorite from TFA... (Score 3, Insightful) 195

I can't believe ANYONE associated with this dev could think this was a good idea. It's possible you could have a user or two make serious threats, but 100? Sorry, didn't happen.

And if you make games so bad as to inspire 100 people to send you death threats, maybe you should re-evaluate your chosen career...

Comment Re:Not running Windows 10 seems like a total fix (Score 1) 369

Many/most of the major AAA titles, unless they run under Wine. Steam has helped a lot with Linux gaming, but there are still a ton of games that won't run native on Linux. That is the only thing that has kept me from switching on my gaming machine at home. I "upgraded" to Win10 a while back and now wish I hadn't. I've turned off/blocked as much as MS allows me to turn off/block, but that's not all that much really. And now Cortana is coming back. Wonderful.

Comment Re:How long will it last though? (Score 1) 168

In addition, you don't have to walk around at all if you don't want to. You can be in a vehicle. A friend of mine got 1 pokemon while we were driving along the freeway and 1 while on a residential road.

If you're traveling above a certain speed (around 30 mph in the US) it won't work. Yes, you can occasionally grab a pokemon here and there, but it can't really be played reliably at highway speeds. There was a video of a guy who mounted his phone to a drone to play. Which kinda defeats the purpose, but is amusing.

Comment Re:Two days? (Score 5, Interesting) 168

I played the game this weekend with my 18 year old son. It was actually pretty fun. The app needs a good bit of work, but assuming they keep developing and don't mess it up, I can easily see the added market valuation.

It made a kid who usually sits inside at his computer most of the time walk a total of ~8 miles this weekend (not an exaggeration - he's hooked). As my son put it, "Michelle Obama has been trying to convince kids to go outside for 8 years. Nintendo did it in 24 hours."

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