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Comment Re:Police state (Score 1) 251

I hope there is some sort of awareness campaign happening across the pond, then. This is the most egregious technological privacy violation I've ever seen. For older people, it needs to be explained as the same as 48 organizations having access to the content of every individual slip of paper and written word in your house at any time they want it. Orwell would have blushed at the audacity.

Comment Re:Do not want. (Score 1) 207

You still watch OTA broadcast stations? I don't even have an antenna hooked up to my TV anymore.

I do because it supplements netflix/other internet option well with all the local free content I need (don't have cable or sat tv). I get about 60 channels. Now granted probably 50 of them are crap, but I get CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, and Fox for free. Granted this only works if you're within range of the broadcast antennas.

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