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Comment Are you critiquing, or justifying? (Score 1) 5

From the linked comment, emphasis mine:

The best way to illustrate cognitive dissonance is via the classic experiment: you assign someone (e.g., a student) a Homer Simpson-esque job that's boring him to tears. Then you one day say he can stop doing it, you have something better to do with him. But you ask him if he can find a replacement for that previous crap job. You even offer a dollar if he does. So he'll go try to convince someone else that it's a great job to take. The fun thing is, after a while he'll have convinced himself too that it's a great job.

Question: is manipulating others fundamentally immoral in all cases?

Comment Re:moof (Score 1) 7

Great analogy, but I think you're selling Java a little short there, and missing one of its major points:
Java is here to spread fat, bloody-minded VMs all over the place to trigger hardware sales.

Comment Re:some more truth for you (Score 1) 16

I see a different trajectory. At the same time technology has the government veering wildly Orwellian, there is a substantial chunk of people using the technology to resist.
Hopefully, 2013 is the nadir, and we can start recovering with the next mid-term election. Assuming the impending crash doesn't break the country outright.

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