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Journal smittyoneeach's Journal: Someone help Bjarne 7

Looking at the /. ad: http://forms.embarcadero.com/forms/AMUSCA1212CodeRage7BjarneStroustrupReplay?CName=BSCR7&Audience=RADNU&Publisher=Google&Medium=Display&Asset=Event&_kk=c%2B%2B%20programming%20language&_kt=422ee6e6-7e62-4317-8fe7-47840d4f87e1&gclid=CKC2q6fGtrUCFZSf4AodrTAA2A
Please, somebody, get an image of the guy that doesn't look quite as socially mal-adapted, or off of some unsavory list!
The guy is an IT legend, whether or not you think C++ is a train wreck.
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Someone help Bjarne

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  • Don't most people look like that after a long session with C++?

    Beyond that though this kind of snarkiness towards a celebrity (who lacks a {D} after their name) is beneath you. Or are you saying he is some kind of stealth Obama donor - perhaps a union boss in disguise or something?
  • He has crazy hair that's not atypical of deep-thinking geniuses.

    C++ is only a train wreck for non- deep-thinking people.

    C++ is chess, and Java is checkers. The post dotcom programming generation is way too lazy for the intellectuality of the former. And the latter is played on the same kind of board so it's "C-like".

    • Great analogy, but I think you're selling Java a little short there, and missing one of its major points:
      Java is here to spread fat, bloody-minded VMs all over the place to trigger hardware sales.
      • Java the language seemed dirt-simple to me. Like it was all the damn frameworks and ORM's and abstractions that was the only thing that made the ecosphere complicated. And factories of factories. I've read the GoF book twice, and I get when design patterns can be useful. The Java world seemed to have gone, and now the C# world looks like it might be following in going, overboard, like if a little of this is good then more is always better. Whereas as I think C++ people, coming from a C background, instincti

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