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Comment Re:Whats the difference... (Score 1) 486

Instances of me getting cut off and tailgated dropped to nearly zero when I started driving an '85 CJ7 with a 4" lift and steel bumpers. Happens nearly every time I drive my other car (an old Mercedes diesel) so I noticed the effect almost immediately. And the Jeep is not significantly faster than the diesel except off the line, nor do I drive it faster (the opposite if anything).

Comment Re:I KNEW Venus was up to no good! (Score 1) 315

What was the name of that Venus story? I'm rather certain a film version was made of it and I was just recently trying to locate it again. I definitely remember seeing a film about kids on a rainy world many years ago that stuck in my mind, and your description fleshes out the hazy memory of it perfectly.

Comment Re:This doesn't seem that bad IMO... (Score 1) 1174

Oh yes, yes. That's OBVIOUSLY exactly what I was saying. Guns, bombs...pshaw. Nerve gas and radioactive material should be allowed too. After all, what's to be afraid of? LOL

Fucking dumbass.

"Lofty language." - A couple of hundred years from now your descendents will probably think that mine talk 'gay' too. Go back to greeting people at Costco.

Comment Re:e brake (Score 1) 911

Actually it is an emergency brake. It just gets used for parking a lot. In my car it's a purely mechanical system completely separate from the vacuum/hydraulic and uses brake shoes inside the wheel hubs instead of the disc pads. Also, they are only on the rear so that when you are truly in an emergency you can mash the emergency brake, potentially locking the rear wheels, and yet still have steering.

The alternative is that they installed a completely separate braking system purely so you could park on hills without relying on the transmission, which I find very unlikely.

Comment Re:Boo hoo for the dinosaurs (Score 5, Informative) 278

U.S. Copyright Law

Is the Table of Contents Copyrightable?

Bernard C. Dietz, current head of the renewal section of the examining division of the U.S. Copyright Office, October 17, 1991, stated in his deposition, " has to be kept in mind that in the vast majority of cases the table of contents itself is not copyrightable; it's nothing more than a listing of the citations in the book. There has to be something uniquely attributable to that author of the table of contents to make it copyrightable."

From here. (Never heard of that book before. The world is bizarre.)

Comment Re:A noun a verb and terrorism (Score 5, Insightful) 243

How are they heroes for getting murdered? I'm pretty sure not a single one of them was thinking, "Good, now I get to lay down my life for, um, something*...!"

* = coming to work that day? being in the wrong place at the wrong time?

You don't put someone on the 'hero' pedestal for those kind of reasons. A hero is someone you look up to and want to emulate, in common parlance anyway. What is there about those people that falls into those kind of categories?

Excepting the ones who had moments of selflessness trying to help others get out or were on the planes and could fight back, the bulk of those who died are simply victims. Using the term hero for anyone we feel connected to that has something bad happen to them is belittling to those who have genuinely earned it by standing on principle, willingly sacrificing themselves, etc.

And by the by, exactly how is fighting anyone going to help the dead in any fashion?

I'll take whining over senseless patriotic drivel any day.

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