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Comment Re:Cliche, but true... (Score 1) 580

I completely agree. I always throw in simple one or two line comments before sections of relatively complex code. The reader can then immediately understand what the intent of that section is.

Still, kudos to the author for challenging an idea that people don't often question. There is such a thing called over-commenting. It is not a good thing. Comments for the sake of comments are near useless.

Comment Re:One of the more amusing arguments against... (Score 1) 143

Read the discussion paper.

Apparently, a study found that many indigenous families in the Northern Territory left high level media easily accessible to children. Most often because the parents didn't understand the classification level, and the responsibilities entailed by law. This argument is saying that having R18+ games would aggravate problems due to this.

I don't think that argument works when concerning games though. You need a decent level of education to be able to use computer games, and even console games. Certainly high enough to ensure that families with games will understand the classification system.

Comment Re:Banning doesn't do what they think it does (Score 1) 143

I've already submitted my response. I argued against the idea that interactivity heightens the negative impact of games. I believe that interactivity helps to enforce the feeling that this is not reality. Therefore interactivity actually lessens any negative effects. After all, the more real you think something is, the more impact it will have. I don't care how realistic the graphics are, as soon as you can control that figure on the screen, you _know_ it's all a fantasy.

Comment Re:Well, it's open source, so fork it. (Score 1) 206

Not only that, but FreeBSD is a far more reliable and higher-quality core than even Debian could ever hope to be.

Experience tells me otherwise. I'm in the position where I administer both Debian and FreeBSD systems. This is roughly over the last five years. The Debian systems haven't skipped a beat during that time. The FreeBSD boxes are generally fine as well, although I did have one crash on me once. Luckily it wasn't a busy system.

Five years of running, and not one single kernel or base OS problem. Seems like Debian is fine to me.

Comment Re:Depends on what you are looking for (Score 1) 405

Good comment. I just have one issue with you saying that Windows 7 has better hardware support. A workmate of mine recently installed Windows 7, and then discovered that his USB to serial cable wouldn't work anymore. Under Linux though, it just works.

I know that one example is hardly meaningful. Still, it does mean that you can't assume everything will work in Windows 7.

Comment Re:Why would a desktop user would run it? (Score 1) 235

Have to disagree with you. I find Linux (well, Debian anyway) to be more consistent than FreeBSD. I manage a few FreeBSD boxes at my work, and I've found that configuration files and service startup scripts are better managed in Debian.

Linux has iptables instead of pf. From what I've used of pf, it doesn't have anything that cannot be done by iptables.

I do like Jails. While you can achieve the same thing with virtual machines, Jails is better with resources. Still, if we're talking about a desktop user here, it's a useless feature.

Speaking of desktop users, they will certainly like the better hardware support of Linux. For a regular user, they'll also prefer a distribution like Ubuntu. So the original commenter still has a good point.

Comment Re:All things in balance!!!! (Score 1) 331

My parents are Arabic, and one dish that is part of the cultural cuisine is Kibbeh Nayeh. It's basically raw lamb, ground up finely, and mixed with spices and crushed wheat. This is meat which has not touched a flame or hot plate. It's as raw as you can get.

There are whole communities that eat this dish, nay, whole countries. I've never heard of anyone suffering food poisoning from it.

I also have to say, I do like my steak with a little pink inside. Maybe not rare, but medium works well for me.

At the same time, I wouldn't touch semi-cooked chicken flesh with a long stick, much less with a fork and knife. Chicken has to be cooked well. I have suffered food poisoning from some chicken sandwiches from a caterer for some work function.

Comment Re:If GIMP is in universe (Score 2, Insightful) 900

Try using Debian Testing, if you're a little shy of trying the unstable collection. It's still very up to date, lagging the unstable release by a few weeks or months, and packages have already filtered through unstable, so most obvious issues have been ironed out.

I use Testing as my default release, although I've also selectively installed applications from unstable and experimental. I'm really happy with how it all works. It suits me perfectly.

Then again, I'm the kind of guy who likes to use Gimp to tweak level curves on photos. Gimp too hard to use? I don't think so.

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