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Comment No surprise (Score 5, Informative) 217

I spent around 3300$(converted to $) a few years ago on a so called "smart TV" from Samsung. Less than a year after I bought it, they stopped updating the software. They never fixed it's problems with remember subtitles settings.
The "Smart TV" part never got to be in any usable state and now after Netflix has entered my country, it is clear that this model will never get a downloadable app for Netflix.

So, no, I am not going to spend YET more money on a new TV when it is capable of showing a picture. Although I would have liked to have a all-in-one box, I guess it is not possible so I still have to buy boxes and then still use the tv as a monitor.

Comment None (Score 1) 951

I don't play much games anymore since I have dropped out of the hardware upgrade race since I got a laptop. My 3yr old Macbook Pro runs all programs just fine even virtualization when I need to practice things. But games are of course not doable, except from my old favorite, Rollercoaster Tycoon 3, that I play a couple of times each year.

Comment There is always something. (Score 1) 162

At my work we had our generators on the roof above 6th floor. It had a small tank that can run for a couple of hours. In the basement, a larger tank that had fuel for 2 days.
Sadly when the power went away, so did the power to the pump that were supposed to lift it to the root. So the our electrician all of the suddon got busy.

At another workplace we had two huge generators with flywheels for starting them, plenty of fuel and even our own redundant line to the powerplant some miles away. Sadly when the installation got upgraded, someone rewired the part that monitored the power coming in so it monitored itself. So after it had fired up and run for some time and synchronized the phases to itself. It shut down and we lost power again. That went on for the most of the day and almost drained our UPS batteries before they figured out what was wrong.
ah the memories.

Comment Mandatory helmets have been suggested (Score 1) 1651

in Denmark and I am sure that will put an end to the popularity in Copenhagen or we will have a lot of criminals.

I can see it now, the cheap law/cop shows on TV now on the hunt for these CRAZY criminals not wearing a helmet. Should be a nice change from those "high speed"(lol) car chases where people drive 10km/h about the speed limits.

There is no way in hell I am going to wear a helmet every Sunday morning when riding all the 500m from my house to the bakery for bread.


Submission + - TV streaming in Scandinavia gearing up and hbo goes streaming only (

An anonymous reader writes: For years people outside the US have been denied access to services such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO.
Getting access to fx. Netflix using VPN services has been so popular that most (print)newspapers and tech sites in denmark have had detailed articles about how to to get it working.

Now Netflix and HBO has announced their arrival in Scandinavia too so the local services with very limited content might finally get proper competition.
Unlike the US, HBO delivers streaming without the need for a cable subscription. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings made light of the competition in a post on his Facebook page: "Excited to see HBO join us in offering standalone streaming service in Scandinavia...what about the USA?"

Now we cross our fingers and hope we get the full package and not just limited access although it seems unlikely they will be able to work that into their current business model.

Submission + - University of Cambridge offers free online Raspberry Pi course (

Barence writes: The University of Cambridge has released a free 12-step online course on building a basic operating system for the Raspberry Pi. The course, Baking Pi — Operating Systems Development, was compiled by student Alex Chadwick during a summer interning in the school's computer lab, and has been put online to help this year's new recruits start work with the device. The university has already purchased a Raspberry Pi for every new Computer Science student starting in 2012.

Comment Re:Google trying to save face, except it won't wor (Score 1) 197

I am happy to leave my security up to someone else. I have better things to do and my phone has a almost direct line to my bank account so it needs to be secure.
Life is really to short to have to spend hours keeping tabs on whats what in the latest phone security.

I also let antivirus companies handle my security on my computer.

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