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Comment Re:Honestly.... (Score 2) 183

the generation that grew up learning on those relics you describe has far more intimate knowledge of how computers work and how to take advantage of their abilities due to how they work, not because they have a TB of ram and 16 execution units.

the software of my calculator (48gx) is far better than almost anything I've seen in modern computers.

Comment Re:There are four things that make Android laggy (Score 1) 226

you reach a concluding advice while ignoring the very thing you yourself said: class is for seq writes.

which means that if you write many small things in your card, you need a class 4. However, what if you need your card to write large files?

of my 32GB card in my arc, 28GB are FLAC and the rest is mostly empty (perhaps 10 photographs at most, far *far* less than even 1GB)

so your idea of using a class 4 (which i did, the 32GB it came with was class 4) would be torture for me when i update its library.

think again.

Comment Re:Um, yeah, about that (Score 1) 111

one could try making a cpu out of 74xx series ICs

it would be open, but i doubt you could get any meaningful performance out of it

unless we pool our money and get a fab make us some chips :/

it costs like what! $2K for a couple hundred thou transistors, low-volume? I have no idea, but i do know one single mask for small processes (80um) cost like a bazillion bucks D:

Comment Re:Power steering isn't a safety feature. (Score 1) 658

what a load of BULLSHIT

locking the brakes decreases stopping distance? what fucking planet are you on? not locking the tires INCREASES friction. static friction is greater than kinetic friction http://ffden-2.phys.uaf.edu/211_fall2002.web.dir/ben_townsend/staticandkineticfriction.htm

Also, if the car is *moving* and you have strength that even barely surpasses that of a paraplegic newt, you can still steer. ... What the fuck, locking the brakes is better, yeah, that is why you see them locking the brakes all the time when racing.

Comment Re:MAS anecdote (Score 1) 672

i would like to share with you a story

1994 lancia delta, the authorised dealership+service had the idea that the Ecu was at fault.

a 19 year old fat guy who merely completed mandatory education found within seconds (literally seconds, this is not exaggeration for effect, i want to emphasize this. by the time i got out of the car after pulling the bonnet release, he already had found the problem) exclaimed "duuuude the sparkplug cable is out".

i can not prove it, anecdotal and all that, but considering your experience i am sure you believe me.

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