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Comment close, but no cigar (Score 2) 231

"The mindset of drawing battle lines in terms of 'right' and 'left' is what has allowed politicians to move steadily into lobbyist pockets (like hermit crabs) for the past 30 years"

The mindset of viewing money as speech, and thus allowing 0.05 percent of the citizenry of the US to fund all political campaigns is what has moved our critters into the lobbyists pockets. The only practical solution to this is to legislate that all elections are State-funded, and any outside money found in any campaign is the end of that campaign. The problem is, how do you legislate this when the 0.05 percent of the citizenry currently funding campaigns opposes such reform quite loudly with their billions of dollars worth of "speech?"

Comment Re:sales dampened themselves: the car sucks (Score 2) 344

VW, Mercedes and BMW would take issue with that (incorrect) assertion. The sole reason most manufacturers don't sell their diesel cars in the US (this includes GM and Ford) is the perception that Americans won't buy them. A lie that should have been put to rest by the success of VW with their newer common-rail TDIs.

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