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Comment Re:Separate their activities from their belief sys (Score 1) 353

2. an omnipotent omniscient benevolent invisible man

I find it kind of interesting that everybody likes to bring up the invisible bit. You wouldn't be very omnipotent if the puny humans could walk in on you by accident...

6. a bunch of immortal beings who aren't omnipotent but like to control things with a few well-placed thunderbolts or monsters or bits of advice

If you were immortal, wouldn't *you* eventually start fucking around with people? Forever is a long time.

Comment "Misconduct"? (Score 2) 300

After having actually read TFA, I still don't know what they mean by "misconduct." Are we talking academic, i.e. falsifying data or plagiarizing, or sexual misconduct, or what? The article carefully avoids ever joining an adjective to it.

Because come general, does anybody believe males if they report being accosted?

Comment Re:The real question... (Score 1) 264

I had heard about the Isis thing, yeah. It's an interesting theory.

Catholicism vs. Protestantism was at one point basically "believe what we tell you because we won't let you read the actual Bible" versus "we're sick of this, we're going to read it ourselves and draw our own conclusions." So in the fight between tradition maintained by powerful bishops, popes, etc. and "Scripture alone, faith alone, grace alone," I come out on the side of reading the actual book. As you might have guessed, I have been a Lutheran.

Of course, then there's the problem of whether to include certain books that may contradict the rest......

Comment Re:In Utero (Score 1) 264

Thank you for the references! They both come from a book that the church "de-canonized"...from which one can argue either viewpoint, I suppose. Either you believe that the writers of *this* gospel were involved in a conspiracy by creating the book, or the mainstream church was involved in a conspiracy to cover it up. Depending on your level of cynicism, I can see how arguments could be made for both.

The whole Gnostic "secret knowledge" claim seems to me a human construct rather than anything God would have wanted..."want all men to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth" etc. however there's of course power in influencing how people think.

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