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Comment Re:This is why (Score 1) 1130

(or at least universal for the sex that cares about protecting freedoms)

You're engaging in this sort of collectivist thinking here. Neither sex cares about protecting freedoms. There are a few individuals of each sex who do, and overall probably more of them are men than women, but that's as close as you can get to your remark — which, in case you don't realize it, is more likely to be alienating than persuasive.

Comment Re:ChromeOS criticism got knocked down a bit (Score 1) 110

The problem here is that legislation and regulation doesn't come about for the benefit of you and me, it's designed to benefit the policy makers and corporate executives who work hand in hand for mutual advantage. And the only way to avoid that is for there to be less political power for them to grasp.

Comment If only! (Score 1) 589

Except that people do it all the time here, not just in this particular thread. "Why, I remember when Slashdot was great, and no one had a six digit ID, and people wore onions on their belts, and blah blah blah." Just shut up and leave already.

Comment Re:What you do is run. (Score 1) 589

Running would suck, but it would suck less than thirty years in a medieval federal prison. It probably wouldn't suck less than six months or a year, though, which is what he was realistically looking at. And it would suck a lot less than being dead.

But that's just my opinion, and it was his call. RIP.

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