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Comment Re:Bigger marketshare than desktop Linux (Score 1) 514

Perhaps you're confused by the many distributions of Linux that offer you a choice between a Desktop (ubuntu), a server supporting the latest hardware (Fedora), a server which runs forever (CentOS)

Since when is Fedora not for desktops?

a bootable USB

By now, most popular distributions' live CDs can be installed to a 1 GB SD card or USB stick using UNetbootin.

But seriously, the "1% desktop Linux" probably measures desktop-like tasks such as web browsing. If a site with wide appeal gets 1% of its hits from web browsers that self-report as having been built for Linux, then close to 1% of web users use Linux.

Comment Re:Alternative materials? (Score 5, Informative) 581

I am supporting your evidence, but found this more concise


Current economic uranium resources will last for over 100 years at 2006 consumption rates, while it is expected there is twice that amount awaiting discovery. With reprocessing and recycling, the reserves are good for thousands of years.[42]

Comment Re:Most professors guilty? (Score 1) 467

PowerPoint could either be a complete slacker medium, or could be part of a more-encompassing lecture. It's all in the way it is used.

Yup, old problem, new technology. I had professors as recently as 2 years ago who still used 20-year-old overheads. Very little chalkboard writing, and the overheads were less than useful. Of course, book-provided slides are the worst due to simply restating the book, but it has always been bad.

Some professors really knew how to utilize powerpoint to illustrate an idea. My Operating Systems class had several good slide animations on stuff like thread scheduling. It's these time-based examples where Powerpoint can really shine and improve beyond overheads or chalk.

Comment Re:Put Up Or Shut Up (Score 0) 383

Put together a real push for Mars and get people excited about science and technology again.

I hate to break this to you, but people like us are the only ones who were ever interested in science and technology. Most people couldn't care less, even when they were racing to the moon. The race itself excited people, but the science and engineering behind it didn't.

Also, manned missions to Mars are not "cost effective" but you can't beat the sizzle effect that you get from the "boots on the ground" of a live mission.

Read Moon Lost or see Appollo 13 (taken from the book). EVERYBODY watched Armstrong and Aldrin land on the moon, but two missions later and it was "meh" ...at least until the spacecraft blew up and almost stranded the crew in space.

Sad to say, NASA, for the most part has become another government bureaucracy.

It was always a government bureaucracy. It's just that during the space race it was a far better funded government bureaucracy.

From 1963 to 1970 was a great time to be a kid watching all this stuff happen.

Yes, it was. I was 18 in 1970.

Too bad there were a lot of other ugly things going on at the time, (Vietnam, Watergate, etc.)

On June 17, 1972, Frank Wills, a security guard at the Watergate Complex, noticed tape covering the latch on locks on several doors in the complex (leaving the doors unlocked). He took the tape off, and thought nothing of it. An hour later, he discovered that someone had retaped the locks. He called the police and five men were arrested inside the Democratic National Committee's (DNC) office.

Nixon resigned in August 1974; I was in the USAF and the headline on the newspaper in Alaska as I came home read in giant bold capitals "NIXON RESIGNS!"

Watergate was a little past 1970, but there were the assassinations, Cuban Missle Crisis, Johnson, Nixon, the Kent State massacres, the 1968 Democratic convention, and a host of other bad stuff, though. But the economy was in good shape.

How about a space elevator project? Arthur C Clarke said we would build one roughly 50 years after we stopped laughing at teh concept. Well, the laughing seems to have died down.

Well, we have 50 years to go. I'll be dead by then.

Comment Re:Where is the controversy? (Score 1) 277

>>>And if the suspect went back into the house to retrieve a gun so he could shoot the cop, you'd probably be dancing in the streets that yet another jack-booted thug was put down, huh?

Taking a page from Jimmy Carter I see. If you can't make a well-reasoned argument, then demonize the liberty-loving protesters. Not cool pal. That was very Kenye West of you.

Comment Re:The answer is... (Score 1) 220

The problem with any of these 'equations" is this-we are basing everything off our extremely limited knowledge of what would constitute "life". But as we have seen from the bottom of our own oceans and places like arctic life can adapt to survive in conditions that would slaughter our weak human selves. Without actually being able to send probes to other solar systems to see what kind of conditions they have it will be very hard to do anything more than throw a dart at a dartboard when it comes to guessing how much life could be out there. To quote a line from Jurassic Park- "Life finds a way".

Comment There are schools that don't do this?!? (Score 1) 705

I had to take "touch" typing (is there really any other kind?) in elementary school 20 years ago...on Apple IIs! I just assumed that all schools had followed suit by now! I can't believe there are still schools out there that don't require this! I remember my teacher holding a piece of paper over my fingers so I couldn't see while I was being tested... It's shameful to think that any student could graduate in this day and age without knowing how to type! It's also ridiculous that there is even a distinction between "touch" typing and...what, non-touch typing? If you can't type without looking, then you CAN'T TYPE. Simple!

Comment Re:It's supposed to be difficult (Score 3, Informative) 863

>>>Technically, you never truly 'own' property.

Property tax was invented by the Progressives, who would probably call socialists in today's terminology. There was a problem where rich people were buying land, saving it, and then selling it for profit. That drove-up land prices and made it difficult for poor or middle income citizens to buy land. The progressives/socialists came-up with the idea of property tax.

Basically the property tax is supposed to offset any profit, and thereby discourage speculation. As with most good ideas, it was perverted and now it's become a way to turn citizens into the modern-day equivalent of serfs. You rent the land rather than own it.

The worst type of property tax is in Virginia where you pay a tax on your car. Why? A car's not property - it's an appliance; it depreciates rapidly. There's no valid reason to charge an annual tax/tribute on a depreciating hunk of metal, anymore than you'd pay property tax on a refrigerator or a stove or a television.

Greedy politicians.

Slashback: Wireless, Radio, Ralsky 252

Slashback with more on GNU Radio; BeUnited's ongoing bid for Gobe Productive's source code; AOL, IM and the USPTO; the consequences one observer faced for watching spammer Alan Ralsky and more. Read on for the details.

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