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Comment Garbage in, Garbage out (Score 1) 102

I don't understand how anyone with any technical aptitude could choose a Samsung mobile device. They don't respect their customers at all. The thing's loaded with proprietary software, locked bootloaders, and all manner of other user-unfriendly "features." Not to mention they cripple Android with buggy, bloated software. And all that's before you even consider phones starting on fire and exploding. You might as well buy some crappy Apple product—seems like the difference is negligible these days. If only Android had been released under a responsible license like the GPL we wouldn't have to deal with this shit. They are incredibly overpriced as well. Just say no!

Comment Aww... (Score 1) 40

I almost feel sorry for them. This is like a religion-levels of self-delusion here. Why they cannot simply accept that their industry is dead is beyond me. I just hope they don't take all of their great productions down with them.

Comment What is the motiviation? (Score 1) 258

Neither this article nor the study's abstract lists any clear motivation for this change. What is the reasoning? "Ensuring the program’s fairness" implies that the study found it to be unfair currently, yet I see no evidence of that. What does "giving the benefit of the doubt to well-intentioned drivers" even mean? If anything, it seems like they should increase the time of yellow lights by 0.3 seconds instead. It will have the same effect—preventing the ticketing of individuals who legitimately entered an intersection when the light was yellow—but not send the message that there is a margin of error during which breaking the law is somehow acceptable. I just don't understand this.

Now, if cases in the .1-.3s range were being fought in court and costing the city more money than they were bringing in, that I could understand. But a $17 million loss? What?

I really wish we had traffic cameras (red light and speed) in Minneapolis. It's just ridiculous what people get away with. These people do not deserve to live happy lives.

Comment You can't "illegally download ebooks" (Score 4, Informative) 153

Downloading eBooks (or anything else) isn't illegal. *Distributing* them is, without the proper permission/license. It's the person who is sharing who is at fault, not the receiver. Don't let the corporate IP police fool or scare you. I support every author who sells directly to consumers. I will not support giant publishing corporations who screw over authors as a routine order of business.

Support self-published authors, people!!

Comment Re:Stop instant messaging (Score 1) 456

Where is SMS expensive? How do you define "most countries?" I refused to use SMS in the U.S. for many years because of the absurd charges, but now it's impossible to even get a line from any provider without unlimited SMS/MMS included. The same seems to be true in Europe. I also spent a lot of time in Argentina on a pre-paid SIM where I believe messages were all of $.01 (thats ARS, not USD!). This is a silly thing to say.

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