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Comment What is the point? (Score 1) 126

Is the human eye even capable of perceiving the difference between 1080p and 4k on a desktop/laptop monitor? This just seems so pointless. Of course it makes sense on a large TV, and I realise some people are silly enough to output their PC signal to their TVs instead of getting a dedicated box, but surely they are in the minority. I think I've only used Netflix in a browser a couple of times since I subscribed several years ago, and that was just for testing. What use case am I missing here?

The DRM involved in this is absolutely despicable.

Comment Total Absurdity (Score 2) 63

The notion that Google is "abusing" a "monopoly" is the most absurd accusation I've heard in a long time. The fact that Google is pouring money into an open source operating system which benefits *its own *competitors* should make this obvious to anyone. Where's the ruling for Apple, which refuses to release its source code, refuses to allow its software to run on any other hardware aside from its own, and doesn't allow any form of derivative works? Hell, they won't even allow other browser engines to run on their phones! Did Europe forget the great IE monopoly lawsuits? Come on...

Comment Re:No, but definitely start using 24 hour time! (Score 1) 598

> However, humans have biological clocks and the time of day is just one cue your brain uses to determine when to sleep, get up, eat, etc. Going to work at 03:00 UTC on the west coast of the US, and then having that same 03:00 GMT label applied to an 08:00 "human" time would take lots of getting used to.

This is a fallacious argument. Just because YOUR brain has become accustomed to the notion that 08:00 means morning doesn't mean that it can't be trained to use any other number in its place. It is completely, 100% arbitrary. Yes, it would be a major adjustment when you travel somewhere else, but that's already the case due to jetlag, so it really makes no significant difference. The benefits far outweigh the minor inconvenience a few generations would experience until it is the norm.

Comment Original Source? (Score 1) 72

Why am I having to read a TorrentFreak article on this? Why is there no mention of it on either nor I don't want to link to TorrentFreak when I share this, nor do I want to link to an obscure PDF file for the original source. It really seems like they should be promoting this on their own site!

Comment Re:That'll cover ~ 5M people (Score 1) 98

I'm continuously shocked whenever I hear about how many paper newspaper subscribers there are out there. I want news journalism to succeed somehow, but I very much want paper to go away. It's horribly wasteful and terrible for the environment, not just for the paper but primarily for the ridiculous delivery infrastructure it requires and all of the carbon emitted by it. We really need to figure out how to get people to pay for digital journalism that is a level above the typical Buzzfeed drivel.

Comment You know, it's sad... (Score 1) 98

This is very likely going to work, and people are going to gobble up the Galaxy S8 or whatever they're calling it as they have done for years in the past, regardless of how inferior a product it might be. People, particularly U.S. Americans, have a remarkably short attention span.

Comment How? (Score 1) 333

Why are they still selling Windows 7 and 8? That makes no sense. I understand if they feel the need to support them seemingly forever, but they certainly don't have to sell any *new* licenses. This is just idiotic. Using Windows is bad enough, but a 7 year old version of it? Come on...

Comment That's great (Score 0) 234

I'll continue to encourage this for grandma and other family members that need an easy solution, but to anyone who really cares about privacy and security, a proprietary, closed-source, cloud-based solution is simply not an option. I have used and enjoyed KeyPass (and KeePassX) for years. They are fully open source, and, along with KeeFox and Keepass2Android, very well-integrated solutions. They use high cryptography, and you can achieve the cloud storage benefit if you want by storing your files on a Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. Highly recommended for anyone with the skills to use it over something like LastPass.

Comment Eudora (Score 1) 40

Am I the only one who can never imagine Qualcomm as anything but the developer of Eudora? It just seems to bizarre to me that this company is now developing computer chips and all this other advanced stuff. Quite a big leap from a proprietary email client. (Yes, I've read about them, and know technically hat their history actually is, but that doesn't change my impression!)

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