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Comment Re:Theoretical way to get size of C string (Score 1) 156

From your link:
"It makes the function look complicated as it has multiple exit points (return statements)."

hmm... you mix up 2 things. It is more like you add complexity by introducing multiple exit points.

There is ways around it you know... Beginning your fucntion with a temporary variable set to NULL and returning that temporary variable in one exit point at the end of your function is one.

Comment Re:A small handful... (Score 1) 385


        1. A quantity that fills the hand.
        2. A small number or amount: "one of a handful of attorneys".

In the context of the phrase, small was implicit since it obviously didn't fit in the hand. I would simply have written "handful".

A "small handful of sugar" would work although...

Comment Re:How about just using the cloud? (Score 1) 272

Is this /.? Buying a house and downsizing? I assumed he lived in a smaller place right now than the house he is going to buy.

So time to start collecting and piling up old computer junk from relatives and friends for the big move and plan the lab he is going to build in his new house. I am sure he can fit some file storage in there...

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