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Comment Re:smells like more israeli racism than news to me (Score 1) 390

and your comment will be judged by your cowardice.

racism is when someone treats someone different because the are from a specific race , in this instance i am alleging that an Israeli run website will be instinctively biased toward exaggeration of
facts that show Arabic people in a bad light.

i think it would take a special kind of ignorance to state publicly that Israel was not a country that had a predilection for racism.

Comment smells like more israeli racism than news to me (Score 3, Interesting) 390

have a look at the whois for debka

      DEBKAfile Ltd.
      4, Hamaapilim St.
      Jerusalem, 92545

why should anyone trust news about Arabic interests that is published by people living in Israel ?

it would certainly suit Israeli interests to discredit the security of Iran and its the kind of racism that
seems to be all too common in Israel .


Comment Re:Umm... (Score 3, Insightful) 164

excellent points , wind farms protect land and offer us the best compromise for getting power with low environmental impacts.

i for one find them enchantingly beautiful , monuments to both the intelligence and sensitivity of humans.

There are lots of designs beyond the big spinning blade models , you can use the vibration of taught threads and vertical rotating blades
(think spinning signs) so its possible to fit wind generation to lots of different sites.

the answer to the question of where to get our power is that there is not one answer but many little distributed answers :)


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