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Comment Re:Why Australia and not Canada? (Score 1) 612

Climate: granted.
Beaches: everywhere, just fresh water. Lookup Wasaga, Grand Bend and Sauble Beach for example.
Multicultural food: everywhere, from Sushi to Vietnamese/Thai, to whatever.
Nice population: I will dispute this one. The beach fights against the Lebanese is not something that happens around here.
Wildlife: not much dangerous stuff here. Only rattlesnake that keeps to itself.
Politics: equally messed up.

Comment MariaDB and Percona (Score 3, Insightful) 146

Oracle is not that big a of concern.

There is MariaDB which is data-compatible with MySQL, and has some nice additions (like microsecond performance data), and there is also Percona Server.

If Oracle messes up, like they did with OpenOffice, there will be another version that they cannot touch, like LibreOffice.

Comment 356 tabs (Score 1) 393

Last session I saved had 356 tabs in 5 windows.

Firefox worked fine with that number of tabs as soon as disabled Firebug. Before that, it chewed up so much CPU and memory as Firebug tried to debug every request made by all those AJAX calls.

Oh, and I have NoScript too, and disable javascript and flash except for a few sites.

Comment Internet not needed ... (Score 1) 229

Access to the internet is not needed nor required.

I was getting this as early as 1991, right after I subscribed to the National Geographic and Scientific America, and was living in an oil rich country.

The scammers from Nigeria must have gotten the subscribers list and targeted likely countries.

What I got was plain letters by postal mail, very similar to the email scams today.

The internet just made it easier ...

Comment Apache MPM Worker + FastCGI with fcgid (Score 2) 209

The mistake is trying to use mod_php with a heavy PHP application, such as a a complex Drupal site, without a reverse proxy such as Varnish or nginx.

One trick I have been using for a few years is using Apache as a threaded server, with MPM Worker, and FastCGI but with fcgid, not mod_fastcgi. Works exceptionally well. For static files, Apache is now lightweight and does not use much RAM.

For details, see my article on Apache MPM Worker with fcgid.

Comment I can confrim ... (Score 2) 242

I can confirm that ever since I switched to checking Twitter and Facebook (via TweetDeck) heavily on my Android phone (Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 then Arc), I have experienced wrist pain and numbness.

And yes, I spend a couple of hours daily, because I was following the news closely in a troubled part of the world.

Once I got those wrist cuffs that prevent the wrist joint from moving, the pain went away.

Comment Re:I can think of one (Score 2) 188

Essam Sharaf, the interim Prime Minister, has been a big disappointment.

Initially, a lot of hope was on him to make things better.

But as time passed, it turns out that he is too soft, and the military rulers do not allow him to have the authority to do things that are pro-revolution.

Speculation is that a second wave of the revolution will happen, aimed at the military junta (SCAF = Supreme Council of the Armed Forces).

Comment Desertification of politics .... (Score 1) 188

In the Middle East, dictatorships made sure that no one can emerge as a competitor to the incumbent tyrant, and that has gutted two generations worth of politicians. Either they become servile to the tyrant, or they are eliminated (physically, politically, socially, or otherwise ...)

Also, remember that this is a transitional government still. He has not been elected by a public ballot. That will take around 8 months to happen.

Outside of the USA, there are lots of engineers, doctors, university professors, ...etc. who make it to be top political post.

It will take time to built a political cadre again in these countries, and many will be professionals, not only managers or lawyers.

Comment Re:Hate Unity? Use Kubuntu ... (Score 1) 281

Totally disagree.

I am typing this from a Kubuntu 10.04 laptop that is my only desktop, and it has been very stable.

My wife uses it too, as well as my daughter.

No problems.

We had lots of problems with the non-LTS versions that had KDE 4.x in them, when it first came out. Terrible experience, to the extent that I wanted to got Xubuntu. But the LTS came out decent and we stayed on that.

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