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Comment Re:Wiki for a novel? (Score 1) 419

I think you missed the point, at least with what you replied with. DRM didn't exist all those years ago. Great art was made without DRM. The music industry is finally waking up and realizing that DRM isn't the way to go (though I think there's still a little ways for them to go). Hopefully the publishing and video industries realize this as well.

Comment Re:I'm sure it didn't help. (Score 1) 1040

"There won't be an oil shortage any time soon, but if there is a shortage, the problem will be more severe than you think, tractors are currently machines that turn diesel into food, with no oil, getting food to market won't be the problem, growing it at all will be the problem."

Rationing would obviously favor necessary uses first, just as it did during WWII.

Comment Re:Already possibly debunked (Score 1) 258

(and esp. PaddyM's link showing other researchers see selection bias in the Canada study

I checked both links and could find no reference to SEEING selection.
Some commentators have SUGGESTED that there may have been selection.
No-one has noted that a number of provinces have found the evidence sufficient to halt the promotion of the c\ a number of medical people other than the researchers have seen something.

Comment Re:Also... (Score 1, Insightful) 433

And yet Office still boots twice as fast as OpenOffice on a typical computer, IIS and MS SQL are completely neck-and-neck with their competitors, and Outlook completely trounces its closest competitor, performance-wise.

I mean, I completely understand what you're saying: having multiple copies of the same function/code block in memory is inefficient. But in practice, it doesn't seem to be hurting them anyway.

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