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Comment Re:How can that be? (Score 1, Insightful) 978

converting fat to muscle is a phrase, it refers to fat leaving the body, as muscle is gained, seemingly taking its place, like a conversion. on topic, here we see yet again the obsession with weight causing problems. I think this is caused by the lack of case by case analysis (BMI, I'm looking at you). Purely eating less can get you to lose weight, but its not as healthy as being fit. I never weigh myself, I simply look in the mirror and if I can no longer see at least a slight sign of defintion around my abs (which I know from being familiar with myself is the first place I put on fat) that I'm going to need to cut down on the cola intake.

Comment Re:Shame on US, Chinese companies lead the way (Score 0, Troll) 260

I couldnt really care less who the economic super power is, but nVidia is an american company is it not? I would consider having a chinese company make a product from american parts a nice and balanced economic system, rather then an american company making things from american parts. I for one, welcome our new multicultural overlords.

Comment kudos (Score 3, Interesting) 391

to their ISP, all the comments on that article mean something, but its the people with at least a fair amount of money behind them (such as mid-size ISP's, in fact) that can make a real difference. Not only in hilarious copyright battles such as this, but pretty much everything. Good on them for actually making a difference

Comment if only (Score -1) 173

the one thing the two main political parties in australia can agree on is that having a three party system would not be beneficial to either of them, and so will pour every single resource they have into ensuring that no threat is posed to their shared domination. Maybe one or two seats will go to the pirate party, any more then that and the party that is in power will find a way to put the leaders in gaol.

Comment Re:Oh the hilarity ... (Score 0, Troll) 343

not quite, blimps dont work like the traditional idea of a balloon, more like a li-ion battery really, you have your rectangular battery block that you can grab with your hands and jam into your laptop, and inside that block there is six/nine cells that contain all the funky battery stuff. blimps are made of little bloons inside a big case bloon, and the outside balloon doesnt have any helium in it, its just stretched over the frame, then there is a considerable gap between this outer layer and the lift balloons (enough for a man to walk through, for maintenance purposes) thing could probably survive a woodpecker, it just wouldnt look to graceful.

Comment Re:c-c-c-c (Score 4, Interesting) 148

Climate change is a farce. im a sydneysider, this is the worst duststorm we've had in 70 years, IE: 70 years ago, it was this bad. It's the first year of el nino, the ground is going to be dry, it happens. its also not the worst dustorm in the country, the 1984 one in melbourne was worse. the arctic icecap is melting too, curiously in line with the friggin range of underwater volcanoes spewing hot magma into the ocean.

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