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Comment Re:I miss the old slashdot (Score 2) 456

I'll take a stab at this since they're easy questions:

calling them Saddam lovers. Establishment types were dumbfuckers back then, too.

No, no one called them that, that was a completely different situation where the US was stepping into a military conflict, not a foreign dictator being viewed negatively for interfering with our politics.

While on the subject of dumbfuckery, got any evidence yet of a Russian invasion that wasn't collected from a Ukrainian neo-nazi Facebook page or twitter feed? It's been years now and not a single U.S. satellite photo or drone footage to be had of Russian forces moving across the border.

I googled this and the second result shows a comprehensive, broadly sourced list of evidence

It will be more interesting when the amount of evidence against Putin exceeds the amount of evidence that Obama's mom knew 45 years in advance that her son could be president, and got him a fake birth certificate with a fake birth announcement in an Hawaiian newspaper.

So Putin, the guy who got over 99% of the vote in Chechnya was fairly elected? That's not even going into the other reports available...

It's pretty clear who's side you're on and no amount of evidence would sway you since you just called ALL our intelligence agencies "professional liars and propagandists" and I'm sure you'd just call a mainstream investigative news report "fake news"

Comment Re:Hmmm (Score 3, Insightful) 456

You sound like you're on board the Trump train, but you're really stretching this one.

Here we have a classified report (not intended for the public) that points fingers at a specific agency (the article didn't say how they learned that, but we can be pretty sure it wasn't by IP), and your only response is to try to discredit the entire government.

There's a point where being skeptical moves into denial.

Comment Re:Try Bush/Obama math... (Score 1) 356

It sounds like you're a little clear how the government works. We pay taxes to the government and in return we get things like roads, protection, and other services that benefit society. A gas tax is a great way to pay for roads because it means the people that use the roads contribute the most. As an added benefit, it means more efficient vehicles pay less, so it's basically a win-win on that front.

We pay income tax because the government needs money to pay for all the great things it does. You don't always tax things that you want to go away - that would be just stupid as you'd run out of tax money

Comment Re:EV charging (Score 1) 318

Then you might be interested in the Chevy Bolt which has a >200mile range. Or when it finally comes out, the Tesla model 3 which should have sometime similar.

Cars are so small that you could really only fit ~1,000w of solar panels - and that's blanketing the thing. To put that in perspective, my car uses about 250w/mile. It would raise the price of the car a few thousand and not have much benefit - especially for those that don't have sun

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