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Comment Re:Clickbait troll much? (Score 3, Insightful) 629

Hillary is a crook with a long history of lying, illegal activity, and corruption.

And Trump has been documented to lie many times over the course of a week, advocates for war crimes, and admits he plays a part of the corruption in the political system (plus he was recently fined by the IRS after bribing a judge). If you're looking for the cleaner candidate, you won't find it in Trump.

Comment Re:Clickbait troll much? (Score 1) 629

Reagan later admitted to having Alzheimer's and eventually died from it.

Health concerns for the candidates could be valid, but we should also be looking at the older Trump who's family has a history of Alzheimer's that would be coming into effect around now. The fake not from his doctor doesn't really cut it.

Comment Re:Major features are complementary (Score 2, Interesting) 427

But wait! It gets worse. You can't call these long function names directly on a data structure, you have to first get a stream which then can take map functions and then you have to convert it back to the data structure when you're done. Coming from Python it's just painful to see how long and ugly the code gets

Comment Re: Wow. (Score 1) 470

But the job of the government in this case is to help consumers, not scare them. GMO labels scare people without reason and it's just another regulation on the food producers for how they make their labels. I imagine after the next wave of scaremongering, we'll get more labels "WARNING: CONTAINS DNA".

Comment Re:Telegram is missing. (Score 5, Informative) 171

Uh well if you read to the end of the summary -

But what about Telegram, you ask? A Gizmodo report, also published on Wednesday, says that Telegram's default settings store your message on its unencrypted servers. "This is pretty much one of the worst things you could imagine when trying to send secure messages."

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