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Comment Surprised. Very surprised (Score 3, Insightful) 73

What surprised me was that they brazenly used the term "embrace" in the bought and paid for shill piece. Given the history of negativity associated with Microsoft's embrace, they should have sprung for a thesaurus and used a synonym. But... since when Microsoft has been clueful?

Comment Unexpected twist in the story. (Score 1) 69

After he agreed to pay $319,000, the man claimed he accidentally made some mistake and paid back twice. He demands the former employer check his computer systems and if they find $638,000 credit from First Magical Bank of Lalaland, dated 2017 Feb 30, confirmation number 123412341234 they must return the "excess" payment.

Comment zillow is a joke, (multiproperty deed error) (Score 1) 231

Zillow blindly scrapes the sales info from county web sites and deed book. I was seriously looking to buy a condo in Florida. Curiously two condo units had double the value of all other identical units. Did some digging and found someone, likely an investment company, bought two condos in one deed. Zillow has happily assigned the total price to each condo!

Comment But the terrorists are dumb! (Score 2, Funny) 435

They could never ever figure out a way to bring down a plane with a laptop bag, if you check the bag in, instead of carrying it into the cabin. Man! Our security agencies are truly ingenious to find a chink in their armor and to exploit it fully! We need to thank our lucky stars we are under the vigilant and effective aegis of our alphabet soup agencies!

Comment Re:What's a draft horse? (Score 1) 96

Another advantage of draft horses over tractors is that they reproduce. So by the time one wears out, the next generation is ready to go.

This defect will be fixed very soon. Once the farmers accept you cant repair you own tractors, they can be easily persuaded that the next generation of horses do not belong to them, but to the franchisee breeder who licensed the animal to them. Getting horses pregnant could be a violation of the EULA.

Comment MS will crush the Amazon device. (Score 1) 82

Microsoft has such a long lead in getting its product and long experience it is going to just crush the competition.

Just look at this beauty!. Developers are being recalled from retirement, as we speak. The floppy disks with source code has been found. And amazingly there is still a drive that can copy the files. MsDev Windows 10 has an emulator to run WinXP, and if you run WinXP MsDev in that emulator you would get the emulator for the 16 bit subsystem. Add an emulator for monochrome Hecules Graphics card and the Lotus RAMDrive support, you got something going baby!

What a lead, how many years of experience Microsoft has in getting its software into the living rooms from offices! wow! It is going to be fun, watching crush match!

Comment Re:Ars story highest voted comment (Score 3, Interesting) 200

strcmp() has its own vulnerability. By sending a string without the terminating '\0' you make the strcmp() function read past the buffer. So the right thing to do is switch the arguments around, so that the length is computed from a known valid string, not from the untrustworthy response string.

strncmp(response , computed_hash, strlen(computed_hash)) would be good. Or, hardwired a lower limit to avoid comparing strings less than 32 bytes.

Comment Will it help or hurt microsoft? (Score 1) 302

Back in the day, when computing meant desktop, when most people used wintel boxes at work and so bought wintel machines for their homes, when being kicked out of the windows desktop etc meant certain death to the application, such moves surely helped Microsoft. Might have hurt them in the long run, but that is debatable.

In this day and age, not being able to change browser default might actually hurt Windows. It is not 1996 anymore. On the other hand, browser might not even matter anymore nor the search engines. People pick a few applications and do not seem to be "searching" or "browsing" for anything anymore.

Comment Range is not the concern there, cost is. (Score 4, Informative) 118

Capital is very expensive there. Most people do not drive very long distances in cars like they do in USA or Europe. For long distance travel the trains are very inexpensive and good. A little grimy but good value for money. So the typical 150km per charge technology is good enough for most Indians.

The main issue is cost. As long as battery car costs more than gas car, it will be difficult to persuade them to buy electric. Second major issue access to charging outlets. Most people park on the street or in apartment car parking spaces. So unless price comes down a lot electric cars will not gain traction there. But, if the imminent inevitable battery technology break through comes through, then they will switch to electric in a hurry. They will find ways to have metered outlets in car parking spaces and even the streets. Third issue is the frequent power cuts and brown outs.

In fact Tesla's wall battery for residential uses will be more attractive to them. Almost all the homes have a couple of truck lead-acid batteries fully charged to run the fridge, a couple of lights, and the TV during the powercuts. Now a days I see ads for "inverter air conditioners". Air conditioners designed to run on AC power generated by the inverter from a 12 v battery. The wave form is a crudely chopped square wave, and it is brutal on the motors. But these aircon motors are designed to handle it.

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