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Comment Re:Second chance, really? (Score 1) 50

Just remove the distinction between capital gain, gift, earned income, carried interest, interest and dividends. Poor wage slaves have no way to change the name of their income. Rich people funnel their income through various shell entities and they can magically change the name of the dollars they are getting. They pay low rate, you pay high income rates.

Why should the income earned through blood and sweat of millions of Americans be taxed at high rates, while money making money be taxed at low rates?

Comment Change is tough (Score 2) 212

In every change, some people will lose and some will gain.

The people who are going to lose, will know they are going to lose and fight very hard. People who will gain, don't know whether they will gain, at what time or by hoe much. So they discount the future and do not support the changes that might benefit them.

In this specific example the fossil fuel industry is well entrenched and they know how to fight and they fight hard.

Comment Don't worry. Don't be an alarmist. (Score 5, Funny) 317

Elon Musk just announced he has accelerated the Mars rocket program. We should be able to migrate to Mars well in time.

"Since we are starting ab-initio in a new planet", he said, "the entire planetary infrastructure will be built on sustainable resources from the ground up from the start from get go". Complete with Boring Machines taking all the roads underground, with some tunnels reserved for hyperloop, cars will drive themselves to charging stations, a Dyson Sphere of 2 Astronomical units in diameter will refocus sunlight on the Mars surface to maintain Earth like lighting and temperature.

He said "If Secretary General of UN would sign the contract, all this will be completed in 100 days or it would be free. "

Comment Re:Water currents. (Score 1) 270

Wow! With just the head lines and a couple of photos, you deduced this! Amazing Sherlock. Usually Sherlock explains his reasoning and deductions 38 minutes into the episode, Wrap up, a mood lightening sardonic humor piece and dangler for the next episode at minute 42. So it is high time you explain it all to the dimwitted scientists with mere PhDs who worked all their life studying this.

Comment Why should it try to avoid it? (Score 1, Insightful) 223

Microsoft made abysmally bad product. The ever increasing computational power masked the low quality of its software. It became a behemoth in corporate space not because of any thing it did spectacular. Its success was due to all companies agreeing to use MS as the defacto standard. It leveraged its lucky position in the corporate space into consumer space. And as soon as consumers can ditch it, they ditched it.

If it survives as an ibm it should consider itself lucky.

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