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Journal Journal: Bwah ha ha ha!

Ohhh, I love it. x2vnc, plus winvnc, lets my win2k and linux boxes work like a dual head display. By which I mean, I move the mous eon my Linux box over to the right of the screen, and the cursor pops up on the win2K screen on the right. So much for using the wrong keyboard ;-)

Only problem is that CounterStrike causes the connection to drop as it's taking over the whole screen. But I can live with that.

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Journal Journal: Woo woo, got a Linux box full-time

Well, finally got a setup of a semi-permanent Linux box on the desktop. This is down to two things:
* rdesktop to give me all my Win32 only db clients
* stopped messing about on my laptop and cursing hardware. "Mandrake broke my ps/2 mouse? The mouse?!?!"

Sooo, now I have a nice clean Debian/woody box with Gnome tickedy boo, smbfs access to the HDD on my main workstation (still W2K), mozilla, gnumeric.

Even added fortune to /etc/profiles. Always wanted that ;-)

The next steps are to begin experimenting with things like ethereal; get some sort of ssh going; look at some productivity options. I like Gnumeric, but what about a wp package? TeX?

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