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Comment All The Features! (Score 1) 173

To include: Most, but not all Plex features are available in today's beta. Some of the missing capabilities include Camera Upload and Offline Sync, though those will come in the future. Other features missing in Plex Cloud include DLNA support, Cloud Sync, Media Optimizer, and the newly launched Plex DVR. Note that Plex Cloud is not a copy of your local Plex server and Plex, as of today, doesn’t mention any type of media migration tool.

Wow! Sounds great!

Comment Re:Time travel? Really? (Score 1) 32

It's not exactly time travel. They go back in time, but only to an alternate universe (according to the comic, ours). So they may not be going back so much as just over, and the other universe is 70 some years behind? Dunno. But hey, it's also a comic book, and liberties are taken sometimes for an interesting story. It is pretty good, I don't get too many comics any more but picked this one up due to Gibson's name and liked it a lot.

Comment Re:Austin taxi checks are easier than Uber and Lyf (Score 1) 260

Here is the "Adam Ruins Everything" episode where he talks about fingerprints: As I recall, there was a case where someone committed a crime in Spain, and an American who'd never been there was arrested for it, based solely on his fingerprints.

Comment Re:I'm confident 80% of posters didn't watch video (Score 5, Insightful) 222

I'm guessing it's more like 90%. "Duh, you can smash a lock, doy doy doy!" Not what this was about at all. Even one of the comments on yours was something about needed a lot of practice, which with this technique you don't. Put some tension on the lock tap it on the side. I suppose that the headline was not nuanced enough. "Skip the picks, just tap the lock on the side".

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