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Comment Masquerade (Score 2) 234

My favorite is trying to enter 15 character randomized passwords into a "force mask" field. The algorithm always seems to pick confusing characters like `'|][;: I often have no idea if I'm even attempting to enter the correct password, let alone if all the rando miscreant characters were entered as intended.

Comment Re:Queue the NJ jokes (Score 1) 186

Yeah that one cracks me up, everyone that bought there is super rich so the lawsuits are gonna be spectacular. The engineers didn't screw that one up, they suggested the expensive preferred method of sinking piles into bedrock. The developer decided to ignore their advice and cheap out with stubbies that only go down into garbage. It saved many millions but will cost way more than that in the long run. They hired a crooked firm to fake engineering data to back their corner cutting.

Comment Re:It's not the figuring out part that's the probl (Score 1) 151

A trucker told me those signs are intended to warn drivers tempted to pass on the right at intersections. Often there will be a right turn lane but the truck needs to turn from the straight lane in order to fit into the intersection. If cars attempt to pass in the right turn lane they will get smooshed. Even with turn signals and the sign you still need to be careful of people.

Comment Re:Landfill not the major problem... (Score 1) 186

It's not that grim. There isn't any undeveloped land around here. The opportunities for a conventional large development simply aren't there. You need to buy an existing office park, level it at great expense, then rebuild. They are doing this at literally hundreds of sites all the time, all over silicon valley. You never know what you'll get with these old office parks. Often there are hazmat issues. I think it's a testament to how strong the area is that it is cost effective to build on a landfill despite all the challenges.`

Comment Re:Your anecdote a false dichotomy (Score 1) 186

Your thinking is so rigid. It is a simple fact that being willing to move for better jobs is strongly correlated with much higher income. Being weighed down by a house makes that decision much tougher. Also, you are stuck. I know so many people that used to live near work but now live 2 ugly hours away from work due to job changes over the years. They can't afford to sell/buy near work due to Prop 13 and cost gradients. They hate their commute and feel trapped by their investment. Sure they are rich on paper but they are not happy and quality of life is low.

I found a path that works really well for me - I have some houses here and there, rent them out, and rent a small room easy biking distance from work. The nice thing about owning property while renting is as rents go up you get more rental income, and I have easy ability to move at the drop of a hat.

Comment Re:Queue the NJ jokes (Score 1) 186

Much of San Francisco and several entire cities nearby are built on landfills. We get earthquakes regularly and engineers have figured out how to build stable structures for the area. You need good anchoring and design, which isn't cheap. Thankfully real estate is sky high here so affording earthquake proof structures isn't out of reach.

Comment Re:a real problem (Score 1) 127

Common misconception, pesticides work sort of like antibiotics. You can bring back a banned antibiotic and it will only work for a few years before microbes become resistant. Same with bedbugs. They were becoming resistant to DDT before it was banned, and if it was commonly used they would be quite resistant to it.

If you like to learn about things you can read more here

Comment Re:The hotel chain I worked for... (Score 1) 127

You experience is vastly different from mine. Worst case I've seen was from infested books. I've been bitten at theaters and on transit. If they are hungry they will feed, sleeping or not. A badly infected home will have everything covered with eggs. Shoes, backpacks, books, pens, everything that is taken out of the house will spread the evil little fuckers.

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