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Comment Sanity (Score 4, Insightful) 149

Thank goodness. Frequent changes entrench bad habits and culture. People are constantly getting locked out, forgetting password. Your culture becomes one of frequent password resets with idiotic questions to verify identity. These questions are usually trivially guessable/facebookable/googleable especially since people forget these all the time too. Many helpdesks will reset passwords via phone without verifying identity since they do it constantly with frustrated resentful users. Make passwords durable. Changing it without knowing the old one should be a big difficult deal.

Comment Re:That's the reward for busting your ass! (Score 2) 245

Good lord, you even have a victim delusion! For every smug person like yourself there are literally a million people who have worked harder than you, suffered more than you, lost more than you, and they are penniless with dim prospects for advancement. Do you seriously think you'd be set for life if you'd been born in wartime somalia or present day kentucky to drug addicted parents? Our society makes things tougher than they need to be, take a glance at northern europe and how the middle class prospers there. It doesn't hurt us to help the less fortunate. It makes society stronger and safer.

Comment Re:That's the reward for busting your ass! (Score 3, Insightful) 245

You seem pretty delusional. I'm in the same situation as you, and I worked very hard too, but I have the insight that without a great deal of luck and timing that are completely outside my control I would have nothing.

I am not sure why certain people are eager to blame individuals for societal problems. It is really obvious to me that things are very tough if you are born in the wrong place, or to the wrong parents, or in the wrong time. I have a lot of sympathy and understanding to those who struggle on this beautiful planet. You seem really condescending and smug in your good fortune. In fiction you'd be on the verge of catastrophe.

Comment Re:Two Words (Score 1) 350

Interesting math, but you are ignoring a very large factor. There are ocean currents that are an order of magnitude larger than your target velocity. If you simply towed the berg into favorable currents and let it sit there riding the free movement you could cut fuel costs to a tiny fraction. I'd wager there is a route you can find from the general berg zone to the general target dropoff where you are riding currents pretty much the whole way.

Comment Re:Apple products have a long usable life (Score 1) 285

My workplace has a Dell contract so all our PCs have removeable memory. In my many years here I have seen precisely zero cases of memory being upgraded out of many thousands of computers. I've seen dozens of cases where trouble was caused by memory and re-seating it cleared the trouble.

Comment Re:Keystone pipe is mainly for shipping oil to Chi (Score 1) 478

Ever hear of those things called the Rocky Mountains?

I appreciate your condescending, smug response. I liked it so much I poked around and found that Kinder Morgan built a pipeline across the Canadian rockies in the 50s and expanded it in 2004. It can transport 300k barrels a day and there are proposals to triple it. For comparison, Keystone is ~500k barrels/day.

So you're completely totally wrong. Put that in your pipe and send it over the rockies!

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