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Comment Re:Athiests (and the left) have endured far more (Score 3, Interesting) 890

While I would like to start with the disclaimer that I'm a Christian, your assertion:

but receiving mostly reason and thoughtful discussion

Is absolutely false. There are a lot of mindless bigots on both sides as well as reasonable intellectuals. Atheists aren't some elite group, who, through patient and thoughtful deliberation have come to an objective understanding of the universe and the people around them. Some might, but for the vast majority it's a belief system not unlike mot organized religions.

Right now, in America, there are some self-named religious groups which push doubtful (and sometimes outright hateful) messages at full force while completely oblivious to anything else. Christwire scares me a lot, and I consider myself a pretty fundamental Christian. But in other countries it's Muslims or Hindus or even Atheists who lead the hate campaigns.

Comment Re:Ants with giant freaking heads (Score 2) 80

I do worry about these induced supersoldiers getting free,

Well, the article states that super soldiers are disappearing among a lot of ant species. Probably because they no longer increase the chance of survival. So if these do get out, they would most likely not survive very long. Apart from that, unless they release a supersoldier making queen, they won't be able to reproduce anyway. (cue Jurassic park theme song).

Comment Non-open source (Score 1) 377

Most people are suggesting open source apps and games, but there are some really good closed source ones as well:

Spelunky(okay this one's open source)
Cave Story Fantastic platform game.
Trackmania Nations Great multiplayer and single player racing game.
Urban Terror The graphics are a little dated, but the gameplay is still really, really good. Online multiplayer team based FPS.

Comment Re:Amerika! (Score 3, Informative) 132

Yet millions still flock here every year in the hopes of a better life. Hrmm... I haven't heard of hordes of people looking to improve their lot going to the backwards Eastern European country from which you're probably posting.

I think you overestimate it by a tad. There's no flocking, just over a million immigrants a year. If you look at immigrants per year per head of population, the US comes in 31st. Just above most Western European countries, but way below Australia or Canada. Europe as a whole has a lot more immigrants per year than America does, and that includes Eastern Europe.

America hasn't been the promised land for a long time, and not that many people pick it out as the ideal place to live. It's just because American media doesn't cover any international news or events that Americans themselves don't realize this.

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