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Comment Re:What the ***** (Score 1) 661

the scientific community needs to be more PC

And she doesn't go into much detail about how exactly it's supposed to go about doing that, but "science" has been open to all for the entirety of its existence, and hasn't produced the outcome she liked. I have a sneaking suspicion that her fix will be one set of standards to accept scientific evidence from despicable white men and another standard for everybody else.

Comment Re:$2300/weekend?? (Score 1) 103

my parents just kicked me out of the house most of the summer

And these days, my wife goes into hysterics if our kids set foot outside the house because she's convinced somebody will kidnap them. When I tell her I spent every single day of every single summer outside from the time I was 10 to the time I was old enough to drive she just insists that "times were different back then".

Comment Re:Worst trailer ever? The Matrix (Score 1) 206

The "Miracles from Heaven" trailer ended with the mom saying "you're telling me that when my daughter fell 20 feet onto her head it didn't paralyze her, but it cured her of the incurable disease that she was suffering from?" The movie was two hours of the mother agonizing over whether or not her daughter would be cured of the incurable disease that she was suffering from.

Comment Re:No surprise (Score 1) 444

Well, assuming that this is all true (these are just accusations), I can guarantee that it wasn't coming from the CS-major code-cranking computer nerds, but from the stuffed-suit MBA types that have infested my chosen profession. I can further guarantee that the people who will be punished for their behavior won't be the stuffed-suits but the meek introverted nerds who didn't participate or even witness any of it.

Comment Re:Highly competitive US job situation. (Score 1) 444

I'm... not sure I follow what you're trying to say. Are you trying to say that the woman made an unfounded allegation because she was in a cutthroat employment situation and she needed to find a way to secure her job, or that the guys were being rude because they were trying to impress the boss with their rudeness?

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