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Comment Destroy the Doll (Score 1) 142

This will be great. Your daughter can practice having her own little auto da fe. She and her friends can dress up as Inquisitors, subject the dolls to the Question using Mommy's kitchen knives, then tie the doll to a little stake in the back yard. Pile some twigs around the base and light it off chanting Death to Technology. Post the video to You Tube. OK, maybe that's a bit over the top. How about just return the doll to where you bought it and demand a refund. If they give you any guff, start asking them why they're trying to spy on your little girl's bedroom. Loudly.

Comment This is no surprise (Score 1) 166

Thankfully, I live in a market with cable alternatives to Comcast/Xfinity. Their service is unreliable, their rates are extortionate, and their customer service makes it preferable to deal with Cthulhu. I ditched them ten years ago as soon as there was an alternative, and I have no regrets. My impression was that they regarded me as an enemy rather than a customer.

Comment Re:What's the benefit of sending audio to both (Score 1) 189

In California, at least, it is illegal to operate a vehicle (car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle) with headphones or earbuds in both ears. Sure a lot of cars have bluetooth built in, but I own two that don't. Cops will almost never stop you for it, but if they're looking for a reason to pull you over, such as driving while teenaged, black, etc, it gives them a valid reason. I've used Jawbones for years, but they've devolved into crap, so I'm looking forward to getting these. I'm happy to wait until they get them right. I'll also use them as a pair for music.

Comment Re:I.e. Samsung acted recklessly for profit (Score 1) 289

Samsung is already on the hook according to the legal doctrine of res ipsa loquitor. Mobile phones aren't supposed to catch fire in you pocket. If they do, especially if lots of them do, the rebuttable presumption is that it's the manufacturer's or designer's fault. While there may be finger pointing between manufacturer and designer, California product liability law allows you to go after any link in the chain of commerce that is most convenient for you. In other states or countries, YMMV.

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