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Comment Re:At least they're honest (Score 2, Interesting) 130

Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience. -C. S. Lewis

Yeah, I'd rather have sleazeballs in office than someone ideological do-gooder whom thinks they know what's better for me, and proceeds to act on it to the detriment of my actual wellbeing.

Comment Re:At least they're honest (Score 1, Troll) 130

I know you don't get it. Most people don't. And no, you're not a smart as you think you are.

The fact is the GOP Establishment (Washington DC) is in alignment with Democrats with mutual (but differing in other areas) interests. In effect, it's Trump vs. the World at the political and geo-political level. So here comes Trump, trolled the entire process, and WON election. Shell-shocked the fuck of the entire political echo chamber. I mean, how could "the pussy grabber" win?? Easy. Real real easy! He wasn't a conservative. This wasn't an election about values. It was an election about justice. It was rural vs urban. And, it's being played out all over the world. It's how the Brexit happened. It's how the world is pivoting away from Globalism due to the stratification of wealth it has caused, eviscerating the middle-class in the process.

Ok, so again your asking "why Mueller?". Notice all the others that smell opportunity after a Trump victory? Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos (maybe), Kid Rock, Dwayne Johnson - AKA The Rock...all of them are OUTSIDERS. Even to a lesser extent, Bernie Sanders was an outsider to the DNC. In fact, the Deep State FBI is going after his wife. Never mind the fact the Clintons have entire cemeteries while Jane had few skeletons in the closet. The DC establishment has a few fires to put out, and they will punish and stamp out anyone who's not them. They will not let that insolence to their way of life stand!

Comment Re:It's just money (Score 0) 222

Money became a 'construct' when it was no longer linked to any actual hard asset of any kind. It is a construct because it is not real, it is not a real thing but it should be a real thing.

Money is time and effort that people put into something and it is not some ephemeral concept, it really is time and effort subtracted from our lives, the time we could spend doing anything else instead of working, it has value to us, to individuals who spend this time and effort.

Money is exactly the same as human lives, there is no difference except this: money is a store of time that we create for ourselves.

Comment Re:At least they're honest (Score 1) 130

She's protecting herself from going to jail. By accusing someone else for the very actions she's been involved in (collusion with Russia), it make it all more difficult for the shift in blame to be shifted back to her; specifically if it's over the same thing. She's smart to be pro-active in deflecting her criminal activity.

Comment Re: USA #1 !! (Score -1) 222

If you want the benefits of a US citizen, pay the taxes.

- what benefits? Tell me, what benefits?

Do you know what benefits USA citizens *used to have*? They used to be the wealthiest people around, they used to be the freest people around, they used to *NOT* pay income or wealth taxes at all. All of this is gone, what benefits are you talking about?

Comment Re:PLease explain difference between QOS and fastl (Score 1) 222


Network neutrality doesn't mean they can't deliver VOIP with low latency or anything of the sort. It just means that they can't deliver VOIP from company A with better latency than that from company B (presumably because A paid their extortion demand).

It especially means they can't deliver their own VOIP service with better latency than a 3rd party's VOIP.

But yes, it would be best if they would just honor flags set on the packet. Especially now that a lot of traffic is encrypted and they can't tell what it might be.

Comment Re:At least they're honest (Score 1, Troll) 130

Trump didn't collude with Russia. If he did, there would already be articles of impeachment and Pence would be the acting POTUS. Period. The GOP establishment wants nothing to do with the fallout! As for CNN and the rest of the mainstream media. Everything they've reported has either been exaggerated from supposition or outright fabricated. Essentially everything brought out against Trump in this regard is a big giant nothing burger.

As for the accusations, they're true. http://www.cnn.com/2017/06/12/...

As for Robert Mueller himself has close ties to Comey. While is in of itself isn't a problem per se, it's highly biased. For a high profile investigation, Mueller shouldn't even be leading this. It's more or less a conflict of interest.

Comment Re: USA #1 !! (Score 1) 222

Yeah no shit. Double taxation is total bullshit, but who cares, right? You should see how the US State Department treats Americans abroad. Obviously they are all wanted criminals or they'd be living in America, the best country. It's traitorous for anyone to live anywhere else, except for State Department employees of course.

Comment Re: The US's actions are stupid with this stuff. (Score 1) 78

This makes absolutely no sense. The Left has gone full-bore supporting Islamism. Just watch the reactions when the next terror attack happens in a few weeks. They'll be out in force defending them. Opposing Islam is pure bigotry, Trump style. I mean, think about it, if you support Western civilization in its struggle, that makes you a racist and white supremacist.

Comment Re: This sounds like nothing (Score 1) 278

Tesla was a good idea because the market wanted it and Musk capitalized on it. Same goes for his previous ideas. He's right that the market needs a high speed system between cities but Musk just has ideas, engineers do the work, and making an electric car is relatively easy even though it is far from his original promise (first model was going to have 300+ miles of range and second model was going to be affordable by families), it's taken many iterations to get Teslas to the point they are.

Making electric cars go really, really fast in a really thin tube is harder than just making them go relatively slow (highway speeds). Vacuums are also really really hard, ask the LHC.

Musk is proposing vacuums of much greater volume than the LHC which took two weeks to evacuate to be created in a matter of minutes.

Comment Re: What? Why? (Score 2) 130

Maybe if we stopped antagonizing the shit out of Russia they would stop acting like this. Just a suggestion.

Do you really think a second rate nation like Russia, with a huge indefensible border and ringed by hostile NATO bases, would be starting shit if they weren't backed into a corner? Discard your outdated Cold War propaganda and look at the situation with fresh eyes. America hasn't treated Russia kindly for the past quarter century.

Comment Re: Really? (Score 1) 278

People have had the idea and mothballed it almost 2 centuries ago. Turns out physics' a bitch and making vacuums requires lots of energy (potential energy, laws of thermodynamics and all that). At least last time they tried underground where you have a bunch of dirt to contain the system instead of a tube of sheet metal.

Musk got around to having a single car go 50mph in a tunnel after 4 years. Doesn't bode well for the project.

Comment Re: Never going to happen (Score 2) 278

There's a difference between making something happen and feasibility. Only fools throw money at ideas purely because you want it to happen.

SpaceX was going to Mars on a budget that wouldn't even cover a round trip to the moon... seems like the brass at NASA finally asked some engineers and scrapped that faster than a burnt potato. At least Musk got his money out of that deal but yeah, he's trying...

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