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Comment Re:not low enough (Score 2) 186

That's because it has a massive battery in it.

There's also a usb hub and hdmi out too.

I *do* like Win RT, once jailbroken. I still prefer my macbook though, I've never really been able to justify tablet usage.

My major gripe with the Dell (yes, I have one) is that - and I suspect this is true of all RT devices - it's not a tablet with decent low power suspend and instant on like android and iOS, so it runs out of juice quickly when in "suspend" mode. It's literally just locked down Windows 8 on ARM. So pretty much what would have happened on the desktop if TPM was accepted way back when.

Of course they're trying to bring it back again with this UEFI bollocks.

Comment Re:Uh huh (Score 1) 570

Yep, and it was pants, so they bought an equally half assed, but much more complete implementation of a posix subsystem called interix and rebranded it.

It was pretty good, but then again ... Windows NT

Comment Re:why (Score 2) 117

Middle click: Different OS, sorry.
Clipboard: Oh wait ... it's a different OS, sorry.
FFM: I'm sure if you talk to the barman at your local hotel, you'll be able to sort out a FFM. Might cost you though.
Thunderbolt/HDMI: works fine for me, and I've got a random mini-displayport -> HDMI cable that now works with audio now I've upgraded from my old 2009 mbpro.

I've had a bunch of monitors (Maximum three at the last count, though I probably could do four if I wanted to cope with bazillion cables attached to my laptop) set up without problems:
1. Air Display
2. Lenovo DisplayLink monitor
3. Another DisplayLink Adapter on a wide range of monitors (VGA/HDMI/DVI)
4. DisplayPort/ThunderBolt -> HDMI
5. DisplayPort/ThunderBolt -> DVI

None have "reset" even once a day.

Comment Re:Still overpriced (Score 2) 330

Agree. The best thing for these devices is land fill. They have no purpose existing.

The hardware is interesting; it's the OS (Windows RT) that's sinking it. If we could figure out how to install something else, the device might get a new lease on life.

You can jailbreak it. XDA Forums have a list of apps recompiled for it. You can also run powershell and .net apps.

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