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Comment To be fair (Score 4, Insightful) 155

big companies that reward their executives with stock, or large numbers of options, usually put restrictions on the sale as part of the contract. For example, the most common contract is that they can sell their stock, but only on a 6-month schedule. So they had to have it scheduled for sale at least 6 months ahead of time. I have no knowledge of Equifax in particular, but this is SOP. It would raise a shit ton of eyebrows if not. And, if it's only just a little over a million bucks, that sounds to me like they had it scheduled. Because, if they were playing the inside they'd have made a shit-ton more than that between them.

Comment Re:No!!!! (Score 1) 302

Ahh kindred spirits!! There simply is something about the feeling of a perfectly machined system. Typing was a real bitch when I first learned in grade 9. By the time I was at Uni, my typing outpaced everyone I knew. It was then I discovered coding.

Comment No!!!! (Score 1) 302

Nobody better touch my corsair k95 mechanical keyboard. :)

The G-keys up the side are so good for binding keys for any games or productivity and it's mechanical so that's awesome too.

I'm on the fence about interfaces that watch your hand movements. They seem like they would be prone to repeat stress injuries far worse than mouse & keys. Still waiting to see what people come up with. Perhaps a kind of malleable putty that lets you bind your own commands in it to whatever shapes or keys you come up with?

Comment Re:A few lousy conjectures, there ... (Score 1) 223


> Linux is more efficient as a server

Doing what, exactly? This is like saying that Volkswagen is more efficient as a vehicle.

> Windows server is most commonly used at the low end of the market

Bwha ha ha ha!! ha ha! Your $35 router and DHCP server runs Linux, which dominates this end of the market. See above.

Comment Money vs none (Score 1) 503

I don't believe that all speech is equal. In particular, any form of paid speech is, by definition, subject to forces that extend well beyond the focus, intent, and nature of the speech itself.

Personally, I don't believe that freedom of speech protections should apply to any form of advertisement or paid political announcements. Any entity endorsed or sponsored by any other entity should not, IMHO, be under freedom of speech protections regards any speech involving the sponsor or original source of funding.

I work for Hapco. Therefore, any speech I make regards Hapco should be subject to reduced protections, IMHO.

Comment Re:Terrible practice. (Score 1) 79

At my company, we use Enterprise Edition OS (CentOS or RHEL) specifically because of the long, long term support. Think: a decade.

For our product, we used RHEL 4 for its entire duration, and then jumped to EL 6, where we are now. We will probably not use EL 7 but go to EL 8 if it's available at or before the EL 6 EOL.

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