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Comment Re: Checked... (Score 1) 542

I already said that History is not on your side, and you are simply attempting to deny facts to support your political leanings/agenda.

The Founders had among themselves International business people. If the concern was as you are attempting to claim, they would have forbade people like Ben Franklin from running because of their International businesses and connections. They would have forbade people, and their families, in office from selling to foreigners anything they produced.

There are no such bans on people running for office or having a family business or holdings. There is a birth requirement and protection to stop people from gaining foreign titles of Nobility and personal gains that could subvert "The People" and their right to self-govern. This is why there are laws prohibiting foreign campaign donations.


Comment Re:Bravo sir (Score 5, Insightful) 327

What a troll. I don't think I've ever seen a better one. You tick all the boxes, referencing my post while ignoring it to make a nonsensical point that passes the truthiness test (Leftist gave us Trump, which is so silly I'm not going to bother).

You don't believe that if the Democrats ran a better candidate Trump would have lost? You can't run a basic Google search and find all of the Presidents, Senators, and Congress people and find their ideologies and influences? Oh, I get it. You just don't like facts.

You should go work for one of those Russian outfits that engineered the Trump presidency. Shoot Jared and email, I'm sure he'll meet with you (he meets with _everybody_). Say hi to Paul Manafort for me.

Oh, I see. It wasn't that Trump won the Electoral college with a better message for Middle Class Americans and looked cleaner than Clinton. It was all those damn Russians who did it.

You do realize that that narrative lacks any facts, and was completely dismissed by the Obama Administration's head officials right? Oh noes, more of those things called "facts"! Show me one single fact of Russia hacking the election. I will personally write my Senator, Congressional Rep, the AG, and President and demand that Comey, Kerry, and Clapper be tried for Contempt of Congress since they lied.

I'm pushing back against the Marxist tactics the far left has engaged in since Trump won the election, you are promoting them. Who exactly works for the Russians between the two of us? If you are lost on the "Marxist tactics", see how other totalitarian governments attack opponents and their families.

We can debate facts, but facts in political threads tend to be moderated "troll" on Slashdot. While your allergy to facts is bothersome to rational debate, it's actually sensible on Slashdot. FWIW, I'm not pro-Trump at all. That does not make me for the BS that the far left and media have been spreading for the last year.

Comment Re:The Dems know this (Score 1, Troll) 327

the party is stacked with "Corporate Dems" like Chuck Schumer & the Clintons who are really just Republicans that think pot should be legal, immigration is fine and maybe we should leave the gays alone (but don't let 'em marry, that's icky).

Sorry, but that is backwards. "Progressives" are Democrats almost exclusively, and they have infiltrated the Republican party starting right around the Reagan era. You know, that guy with a R in front of his name? or maybe Eisenhower? We could go back further but I'd hate to embarrass you by showing you all of the "Progressives" who were Democrats. (It would also bring out all of the racists, segregationists, and Jim Crowe supporters. You don't want to go there.)

The Bernie Democrats (a wing of which is calling themselves "Justice Democrats") is trying to kick 'em out of the party. If you want to see the country move to the left you need to join 'em and get voting in your primary.

Yes please! The far Leftists has done such a great job for us Constitutional Conservatives over the last couple years I can't wait! I didn't want Trump, but you guys made that possible. I'd much rather have sober politicians in the Republican party who actually believe in the Constitution, instead of the mass we have now that hides their "D" with an "R" sticker.

Comment Re:We have laws for this already (Score 3, Insightful) 327

What's the problem with wealth accumulation? Other than petty jealousy? What matters is the average quality of life and whether or not the average person is content. Who cares if someone has more than you. Worry about if you have your needs met. And your needs to not include every luxury under the sun.

Nothing like shallow fallacy logic.

The problem with accumulated wealth goes back to the first recorded Democracy and ideas recorded in Plato's "The Republic". Paraphrased for convenience, The problem with people becoming extremely wealthy is that they are free to fuck with everyone else to gain more and more wealth. The same is true for any form of power really, but money is the easiest for people to understand.

People on the Right don't hate Soros because he has money, they hate him because later in life much of his money came questionably and he funds people who he believes benefits him and his agenda in politics. People on the Left don't hate the Koch brothers because they have money, they hate him because they fund people who they believe benefit them and their agenda in politics.

Have another weak ad hominem you wish us to correct?

Comment Maybe not (Score 4, Interesting) 112

I think it's good to remind us of these Orwellian nightmare plots and schemes. IMHO this is an idiotic thing for anyone to do. Anytime it gets promoted people do, and should, push back.

Burke "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

Sure, this company may not be evil. Who else can use these chips though? Are you sure they are all going to be altruistic?

Comment Re:Imagine (Score 1) 200

There are far too many studies and reports of this bias to simply be "me." Search for the latest studies from Harvard, but also from MIT, Yale, and countless others who study facts on media. 97% of coverage on Trump has been negative. 75% of all coverage on Trump is "Russia Collusion" yet there is no evidence that Trump has done so. There has been more airtime since November on impeaching trump than on illegal immigration. Those are facts, and you are simply ignoring facts.

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