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Comment Re:But, but... (Score 1) 483

I think you're confusing fuel efficiency with manufacturing efficiency. The auto makers certainly don't need much additional motivation to drive manufacturing efficiency since that delivers straight to their profits, but fuel-efficiency they didn't have nearly as much motivation to care about that, until the government started telling them they had to.

Comment Re:This is just silly (Score 1) 86

Thanks for the recap of the first week of my high school macroeconomics class.

The part you've got wrong-way round, though, is that the value isn't in the difficulty to make it. That's the cost base. The value is in what it'll do for the purchaser. When the value is below the cost to produce, demand falls rapidly.

Comment Re:Roads Should be Private (Score 1) 242

Public toll roads often already do charge more for trucks or charge per axle.

Private roads needn't be toll roads. Toll roads needn't be private roads. Charging differently per vehicle type already happens.

Another congestion-relieving measure is high occupancy vehicle lanes, which differentiate again. In fact, in some places (like Houston), you can drive in certain HOV lanes as a single occupant if you pay a toll (or conversely use the toll lanes for free in a HOV during prime commuting hours).

Certain cities do already charge congestion fees to vehicles entering certain areas. Those charges often vary by vehicle type. This includes public roadways. is but one example.

So no, me "popping in" to point out that the posts in the thread are comingling and conflating issues is not at all irrelevant.

Your ad absurdum argument that private roads or toll roads means the street in front of your house will be profit gouging you into a prison lot is not a very strong point.

Comment Re:Roads Should be Private (Score 1) 242

The exact words of the post to which I directly replied were "The free market competition amongst all of the different roads connecting directly to your driveway will ensure that you can always afford to leave your house." which has to do with tolls only in passing. My point is that private roads aren't always tolled. They're not always open for public traffic, either.

Public roads aren't always toll-free, either. Have you ever been on the interstate system around Chicago? Tolls. On tax-supported roads.

Delivery trucks don't cause congestion anyway. If three people in my neighborhood order packages, one truck delivering the three is fewer vehicles on the road than the three of us taking individual cars to individual stores or even to the same post office for pickup. UPS, FedEx, and USPS are like mass transit for goods. They ease congestion.

If the streets are not designed for the vehicles licensed to operate on them, that's a design issue. It's not a usage issue. Put designated package delivery parking zones where they're needed, and the problem of putting the hazard flashers on in the lane of traffic goes away.

Who paid for the road and the signage for that zone is really a different and separate matter. The socialists and libertarians should both take a moment to agree on a solution here before bitching about who grabs the check.

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