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Submission + - Palm releases Mojo SDK for Palm Pre ( 1

ender- writes: "After much anticipation, Palm has finally released the full Mojo SDK for the Palm Pre WebOS.

The SDK is available for Windows, OSX and Linux. "The first public release of the Mojo SDK is an exciting moment for the webOS team, and we hope it is for you too. We know that a thriving ecosystem is critical to the success of webOS and getting the SDK into your hands is just the first step. We think we have something truly game changing with webOS. Join us in what we expect will be an exciting rewarding journey. — Mike Abbott"

The site seems to include pretty thorough information, including a Developer Guide, and User Interface Guidelines. The SDK is available for Windows, OSX and Linux."


Submission + - The Most Important Aspects of Geek Culture

ender- writes: "In the course of pursuing a long-overdo college degree, I am attending the local community college. For my Business Communications class, we've been assigned to give a 4 to 5 minute speech on a 'Culture' we feel we are a part of, or which we find interesting. As I spend the majority of my time on Slashdot or playing around with computer hardware and software, I have chosen to do my speech on the culture of computer [or internet] geeks. I am interested in getting the opinions of the users of this fine website.

If given less than 5 minutes to describe computer geek culture to an audience which is mostly ignorant of geeks and technology, which aspects do you feel would be most important to hit upon? Social? Dress? Hobbies? Philosophies? Others? I'm not asking for anyone to write my speech! I would just like to know what geek concepts this group feels are important to communicate to the non-geek world."

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