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Comment It is the use of the title (Score 1) 734

He can post whatever he wants, but in a lot of states, you can't use the term engineer without registering (and folks, this is why the title "Software Engineer" is Bull). Basically the state wants you to have your Professional Engineering license, which requires certain schooling, and then taking the tests. Joke? Unless you are doing civil engineering, it is generally not REQUIRED, but you can't call yourself an Engineer. You may have a PhD in say Electrical Engineering, but you can't use the term "Engineer"

Comment Well DUH (Score 1) 148

Unless it is a status email or email where the party I'm emailing knows the info has to go to the boss (as he may want say) I don't CC, but frankly over the years, I've done this when, frankly I _DON'T_ trust the person!
I've had more than one situation over the gasp 40 YEARS I've been working where you'd tell coworker X, and they would deny you did, and you'd have to jump through hoops to make your manager (and sometimes their manager) believe you
The problem is often solved by "CC:Their Manager, Your Manager"
Gee, you mean it makes the person say "CharlieG doesn't trust me" - well DUH.
    I won't do it until the first time I'm under the bus because of you, but after that, I'm trying to not only cover MY ass, but also send the message "No, I DON'T trust you" - not only to you, but to my manager and YOUR manager that I no longer trust you.
BTW, there was also probably an email to my manager (in my case, my 'manager' is the CEO), and your manager about why they were being CC'd (aka how you threw me/the project under the bus) that YOU were not CC'd. When you get to the level I'm at, this is usually about a person who reports to a fellow manager, and the CC/BCC might even be going to the CEO/HR as part of a documentation trail

Comment Re:Commodore PET (Score 1) 857

Had a friend who had a pet, then upgraded to a CBM-8032. Sigh, which I could have afforded them, the best I could do was the Vic-20. I did spring the what, $300 or so for the 300 baud Commodore modem, and I forgot the name of the terminal software that used graphics to give you 64 columns. Allowed me to NOT use the keypunch machines in college, but to log in - they gave me a 'terminal account' because I had my own terminal - my account was locked that I could not use an on campus terminal

Comment Re:Shuttleworth seems like a real tool (Score 1) 191

I did the same thing a few years ago. Mint was the best of both worlds: It had all the parts of Ubuntu that Just Worked, but it kept GNOME, and even let you choose between GNOME 2 (Mate) and GNOME 3 (Cinnamon). Gets the job done, and on my HTPC, the kids can't tell the difference.

Comment Re:Summary is unclear (Score 2) 191

Sometimes it goes the opposite direction: We'll offer you X if you resign, but that offer is only open for Y days, after which you may be lad off with no severance.

So then you have to decide whether the severance for resigning is a better deal than unemployment, which you'll only be eligible for if you are laid off.

Comment Re:Does it account for greedy homeowners? (Score 1) 130

Um, there is a local block that admittedly had a major speeding problem (through a park), and in the active section of the park, they put in no less than 5 speed bumps, about 50-75 yards from each other. The road USED to have a 30MPH speed limit, but was lowered (Like the rest of NYC) to 25MPH. If you take those speed bumps at even 20MPH, you WILL take out your suspension even in a truck with a heavy duty suspension. MAX you can take those bumps safely is 10MPH. Now 1-2 of them would keep you down to 25MPH for the whole stretch, but 5? Come on guys. Folks are now bypassing taking streets with houses and kids - at 25-30MPH. They effectively lowered the max speed of the safest road to 10MPH, and left the road with the kids at 25MPH - smart move

Comment Does this shock anyone? (Score 1) 143

Does it shock anyone? Most folks just want to use their phones, use the email and SMS, and play a few games. They can't be bothered. Heck, a lot of folks have to have techy person setup their email other than a Gmail/Apple email, as they have no clue, and they have NO clue how to change their password either

Comment Re:Fake science/sloppy science (Score 1) 331

The problem is, there is often consensus without duplication, or actual peer review. "If X says it is so, then I agree". The RIGHT answer is "I don't know, but X says it is so"
Consensus without duplication of experiment, or at LEAST running your OWN models on the other person's RAW data (if it is too hard to duplicate the data) is herd following

Comment uh huh (Score 3, Insightful) 660

And most of those 60K plus workers are machine learning people earning less than 130K/year? The program cuts won't hurt those guys. They WILL hurt the guys coming in at 60K (the minimum) who are replacing the 45-50 year old programmers earning 100-140K, that they are replacing at less than half the cost, that said 45-50 workers have to TRAIN to do their job

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