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Comment Re:No WAY (Score 1) 768

Yes Americans do hate bailouts, especially when the major banks/corporations get bailed out, and the executives get massive bonuses, while the common folks get the shaft. The shaft should have been equally distributed across the board, or the bailouts distributed evenly across the board, rather than catering solely to the elite.

Submission + - New Attack Uses iPhone as PC Keylogger (

Trailrunner7 writes: Researchers from MIT and Georgia Tech have developed a new technique that enables them to use the accelerometer in an iPhone or other smartphone to capture keystrokes from a nearby PC and decipher the typed words with about 80 percent accuracy. The tactic, while quite complicated, could be used to conduct password-recovery or other attacks on unsuspecting victims.

The research relies on the fact that the accelerometers in modern smartphones have become sensitive enough to detect the vibrations produced by someone typing on a keyboard a few inches away on a surface such as a desk or table. The accelerometer is designed to detect when the phone is tilted or moved and is used in a number of applications, including the feature that flips the image on the screen when the phone is turned. However, the research team of Patrick Traynor, Arunabh Verma and Henry Carter of Georgia Tech and Philip Marquardt of MIT's Lincoln Laboratory discovered that it can also function as a discreet keylogger.

Submission + - Hotfile countersues Warner (

Tom writes: Hotfile went out of its way to bow to the movie industry and gave the likes of Warner a special account that they could use to delete content — any content. Apparently, that's just what they did as Hotfiles countersuit claims after Warner sued them anyways. They claim Warner deleted Public Domain content, Free Software and many other items that could not possibly be confused with copyrighted movies if one took even a single look.
The funny part? They are suing Warner under the DMCA, the very law the music industry bought/bribed for themselves.


Submission + - Money, Values Clashing at Public Universities

theodp writes: Back in the day, proponents of what was known as the Wisconsin Idea held that that the purpose of a public university was to serve the state's residents. But, according to a surprisingly candid new survey of admissions directors by Inside Higher Ed, that quaint idea is giving way. An ideal student these days, from many colleges' point of view, is increasingly about money. Among all four-year institutions, the admissions strategy judged most important over the next two or three years — driven by high figures in the public sector — was the recruitment of more out-of-state and international students, who pay significantly more at public institutions. The interest in full-pay students is so strong that 10% of colleges report that the full-pay students they are admitting have lower grades and test scores than do other admitted applicants. Concern was also expressed about the use of controversial commission-based agents to boost international student enrollments (Federal law bars the use of such agents to recruit American students).'This isn't about globalization or increased educational diversity,' says USC's Jerome A. Lucido. 'They need the money.'

Comment Some ideas (Score 3, Interesting) 734

Currently you can get shipping materials for free which is ludicrous. They need to stop giving away shipping materials and charge for it like everyone else does. Countless times I have known of folks to hoard the materials, and use them for shipping using other carriers, or for personal storage. This needs to stop NOW.

Raise the rates on the bulk mail, even if it requires congressional approval to do so. Bulk mail companies already pay way less than the general public to send their spam direct to your box, and at times they receive hefty discounts as well ( ) which should be stopped. The First Class postage we pay subsidizes junk mail. It is high time they pay their own way. The ridiculous threat that bulk mail companies will stop using USPS if rates for them are increased is pure bullshit. Call their bluff, and raise their rates, for they can afford it. Do you really think they will start using FedEx or UPS to deliver their junk? The US mail is a government monopoly they must use, due to the cheapness of it when compared to other options. A friend of mine who works in the sorting of US mail told me that bulk mail has steadily increased every year.

Additionally, the Postal Regulatory Commission believes that bulk mailers do not pay their fair share, and that their rates should be increased roughly 22% overall. An audit found that the current rates bulk mailers pay run afoul of the 2006 Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act , which is hotly contested by the lobbyists in the bulk mail industry. The current Postmaster General caters to the whims of the bulk mail industry, and needs to be gone.

Create a Do Not Mail registry, which works similar to the Do Not Call registry. Currently I have no way to stop all the loose-leaf flyers/advertisements from infiltrating my mailbox. The sorting and delivery of this bulk-junk takes up a considerable amount of time, including mine. The junk mail problem alone has me flirting with the idea of eliminating my mailbox entirely, for I can pay all my bills, and do all my banking electronically now. Granted, this may cost money initially, but I can dream, can't I?

Granted, there are many problems leading to the current crisis, and I have only touched the tip of the issue. We have to start somewhere.

Comment Article is Incorrect about civilian ownership (Score 2) 117

As a collector of NFA weapons myself, I can say that the article is incorrect about private citizens in the US not being able to purchase a 40mm grenade launcher. The 40mm grenade launcher is classified as a Destructive Device (DD) by the BATFE, and is regulated by the National Firearms Act of 1934, commonly referred to as NFA. All NFA weapons are tracked with mandated registration with the BATFE. Weapons regulated by the NFA are Title 2 weapons (Title 1 weapons are "normal" firearms you see in most gun stores) include Destructive Devices, Suppressors (aka Silencers), machineguns made prior to May 1986, Short Barreled Rifles (SBR), Short Barreled Shotguns (SBS), and lastly the Any Other Weapon (AOW) category. These items can be purchased and transferred to you from any FFL who has paid an annual Special Occupation Tax (SOT) on file with the BATFE. Not all states allow you to purchase or posses these items, but most do. That being said, Federal law is clear that you can own these items if you pass the background check done by BATFE, which generally takes a few months due to the volume of applications they process. State law however, can limit or prohibit your possession, as well as use of the items. When you purchase any of the items above, you pay a one time $200 transfer tax to the BATFE per serial numbered item. The only exception are the AOW's which have a $5 transfer tax.

To own any of the above items, it simply must be legal to posses in your state with the proper federal registration. You purchase the item, then the dealer or individual you purchased it from helps you to complete what is called a Form 4, finger print cards, and a certificate of compliance. Put all that in an envelope, then mail it off with a check for the appropriate NFA transfer tax. If you have a clean criminal record the item will be transferred to you in a few months, and you can take possession of it when an approved Form 4 is returned.

The purchase price for a M230 40mm grenade launcher starts around $1300 and goes up from there, depending on who makes it and the configuration or collectability. Suppressors are much cheaper for the most part, and transferable (to the public) machineguns are the most expensive of all, starting at $3500 and going up as high as 500k depending on what it is, for the supply is fixed and cannot be replenished due to the ban in 1986.

You can learn more about the National Firearms Act here:

Places which make or sell various NFA items:

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