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Submission + - New Attack Uses iPhone as PC Keylogger (

Trailrunner7 writes: Researchers from MIT and Georgia Tech have developed a new technique that enables them to use the accelerometer in an iPhone or other smartphone to capture keystrokes from a nearby PC and decipher the typed words with about 80 percent accuracy. The tactic, while quite complicated, could be used to conduct password-recovery or other attacks on unsuspecting victims.

The research relies on the fact that the accelerometers in modern smartphones have become sensitive enough to detect the vibrations produced by someone typing on a keyboard a few inches away on a surface such as a desk or table. The accelerometer is designed to detect when the phone is tilted or moved and is used in a number of applications, including the feature that flips the image on the screen when the phone is turned. However, the research team of Patrick Traynor, Arunabh Verma and Henry Carter of Georgia Tech and Philip Marquardt of MIT's Lincoln Laboratory discovered that it can also function as a discreet keylogger.

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New Attack Uses iPhone as PC Keylogger

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