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Comment Just freaking wow! (Score 1) 181

I was always taught that if it has sensitive data, it's got to be secured. If it connects to anything else, it must be protected. If you don't want people doing things they aren't supposed to with it, you have to guard it against all inappropriate access and input.

Mind you, that was from pre-internet days, so who freaking dropped the ball and completely lost it when it comes to the basics with these kids?

Comment Re:Don't Tase Me, Bro! (Score 5, Interesting) 191

Also, the availability of tasers has decreased police de-escalating situations and they quickly go to the I don't give a shit just fucking tase them approach.
Not a good thing.
They also like to use the, but it's non-lethal excuse.
Any kind of assault by police should be a last resort instead their current go to attitude.

Comment Re:Thanks Obama. (Score 4, Interesting) 110

Pretty much all I've seen is trumpets blaming everything on either obama or hillary, whether it happened after obama was out of office, during his 2 terms, or things that happened before for that matter. They've really got some serious issues, but I don't think even freud could help them!

Comment Re:good for zero days exploiters (Score 1) 200

Yeah, there are plenty of people and companies that are many years, and sometimes a decade or more out of date on OS and security patches. It's sad, especially when they then get upset over how they got infected by a virus or other malware that's now eating their network when everyone else that wasn't running antique software was immune to. You don't want to know how many hundreds of thousands of machines I've seen that happen to.

Comment Re: You have ask why? (Score 1) 151

Those are not rootkits whether you like them or not.

Sony on the other hand has rootkitted unsuspecting users.

I also live in a city where Sony once had a business. They are really hated here as they can't be trusted at all. They bounced paychecks 4 times (I know of 3, but people who work for them swear it was 4). They had gotten huge payoffs and tax incentives from the city in the first place (something I think isn't right, but that's another story), and then about halfway through the time they demanded even more or they'd bail. The city said no, we have an agreement, you already got your free money. Sony bailed. Lot of people got seriously screwed by Sony, and they are pretty unpopular here.
Yes, this is in the USA.

Sure, I don't like some of the things Microsoft has done, but Sony is pure scum!

Comment Face meet brick (Score 1) 103

I've dealt with several offices in NASA before, and to be honest, in my opinion, they tend to cooperate with each other like male beta fighting fish in the same glass of water. Often I would attribute failure to comply with something like a FoIA request to such issues, but after reading the article, it really looks like somebody is being stonewalled.
Note, it might not just be the writer, it may be a global stonewall everyone thing going on.

Comment However (Score 1) 214

(ianal) As he uses it to communicate with the public, aka the american people, it's not being used for private purposes, it's being used for the office of the president of the united states. As such, that puts it in a whole different category. Everything he posts to it needs to be archived, and nobody that's an american citizen can be banned from it. Otherwise he's seriously screwing up and violating other rules and laws regarding POTUS.

Comment The oldest law (Score 5, Informative) 287

The oldest recognized law in Oregon is that everyone has access to the beach, you can't impede or infringe on that right.
It was inherited from the native inhabitants, and despite it not having been written down before hand, was well recognized and benefits everyone.
Californian developers and the like that come up here and try to take over sections of the beach get a very rude legal awakening.
They've also tried to sue for "loss of value", but they always lose because the property they bought never included the beach in the first place.

Comment Re:I can only guess who'll get fired next... (Score 4, Interesting) 154

Actually that sounds pretty standard for a lot of execs out there.

You have no idea how many support calls I took from crying secretaries because their boss told them to have it fixed today or they were fired. That's pretty rough, but it gets worse. The executive douche has the box locked, hasn't told the secretary what the password is, and can't be reached or won't answer the phone.

I'd get about 2 or 3 of those calls a month on the corporate support lines. I could do some pretty fantastic things over the phone with people that are marginally competent, but if they can't access the machine due to locks or passwords, there's nothing I can (legally) do about it. (When on a support call, even if you know a grey area way around the access issue, you don't even mention it. If they think of it on their own and do it, that's not your problem. Specifically where one company had to break down the door to the server room to get in and fix the server because the boss was out of the state on a 2 week vacation and took the only key with him.)

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