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Comment Re: Always the left pushing "hate speech" laws. (Score 1) 545

No, I wouldn't denounce octogenarians, because your strawman question doesn't indicate that there's any octogenarian movement in existence, and in reality there isn't. So it would be as logical as denouncing people with size 10 shoes, as that's the most common size of killers.

A self-identified Nazi killing for Nazi reasons would be linked to Nazis. Also note, when the media linked the killer to Nazis, the Nazis didn't denounce the killing. Octogenarians condemned the murderer in your strawman.

Comment Re: Always the left pushing "hate speech" laws. (Score 1) 545

No. I did not lie. He defended a Nazi by indicating that the victim deserved it - "both sides" when one committed murder implies the victim was a murderer, and the killing could be seen as justified.

I'm curious if you would try to use the same "logic" when consisting my hypothetical scenario. That's not a strawman, that's just trying to figure out how exactly your mind ... "works".

If the octogenarian was found with anti-Nazi materials and statements to the effect of pre-meditating the murder, then yes, I'd denounce the murderer. If the President defended a murderer, I'd denounce the evil murderer-supporter.

If someone is both anti-murder and anti-Nazi, you can't comprehend what would happen if the two conflicted?

Turns out it "works" by making shit up and then just dodging uncomfortable questions.

The question wasn't "uncomfortable" just stupid. And you are the only one making up things. What do you think "hypothetical' means? Since you obviously don't know, it's a big word for "made up". Turns out, you should know the definitions of words you use. You literally make shit up, then your very next post complain that I make up shit. Pot, meet mirror.

Comment Re: Shouldn't they, of all countries, know better? (Score 1) 545

It wasn't a "real war" when many of the killings happened. The holocaust denier is an idiot, but he was right in that many of the killings came after long-term storage. It's also quite clear that the public at the time thought the Jews were going into refugee camps, awaiting deportation to Israel (or similar, as Israel was created after).

But, to your point, the USA has let "enemies" go. Indians, Japanese, and others were rounded up into concentration camps, then later released after hating the US more on release than entry.

Comment Re:Always the left pushing "hate speech" laws. (Score 1) 545

the Nazis were socialists)

The Nazis were right-wing fascists. Never anything else. They named themselves Socialist for marketing reasons, not functional or factual ones. Like DPRK is not more democratic than the US (who doesn't even have democratic or republic in the name). Often the evil people will name themselves the opposite of what they are, trying to play both sides.

So what happens is, often the right will criticise the left by pointing to the earliest and most regressive stages in the left

The real trick the Right likes to use is to label someone with an obvious lie long after the changes. The Republicans are for minorties because Lincoln was Republican and the Southern Democrats in the '50s rejected integration. When today, the situation is obviously not related to the history (even if some of the names haven't even changed).

The other "favorite" is to call every dictatorship socialist. DRPK, Cuba, USSR (after Lenin died). Those 3 are dictatorships, but none of those 3 are socialist, even if they claimed to be, when they are not.

Though today, they give up all logic. anti-fascists are fascists by the definitions used by the American Right. How is that even possible? When North and anti-North (South) are the same direction, the problem isn't with South, but with the compass you are measuring them against.

Comment Re:Follow the leader (Score 1) 404

Like that old "study" that said 80 km/h was the ideal speed for max throughput (it's not).

80km is the speed at which maximum throughput is *observed*. That you don't like facts doesn't make them wrong.

Below 80km, people lose focus and the number of phone-checkers and lane hoppers cause traffic to flow worse. Above 80km, people leave closer to the "recommended" 2 second distance, which is too high for optimal throughput.

Now, if the car behind me is further back, according to the "study", I should slow down to increase my distance in front and reduce my distance behind. But then of course the car behind me is going to slow again to get back to its old distance, so I keep slowing until I have as much distance in front of me as the car behind me. Now the car in front of me is going to slow down to as well, because he wants as much distance in front of him as behind him. I don't exactly see throughput improving here...

If everyone drove like you, then minimum safe distance is best. Are you asserting you are no better than the average driver? If you aren't average, then extrapolating your personal opinion to everyone would be stupid. So, you are either a bad driver or stupid. Or both. I vote for both.

Comment Re:A movie with a message (Score 3, Insightful) 187

JJ ruins things for me.

Take, for example, the "mining ship" in Star Trek. No cargo hold for anything they mine, and a very impractical shape for anything that's doing mining. You can picture JJ in the boardroom, shouting "scarier, more menacing" and writing it in like a character. He ruined that when he wrote a hatch in dirt into Lost as a character. But the mining ship was stupid, for a mining ship. Every decision he makes is stupid, and designed to "entertain", not "tell a story". He should work for Cirque du Soleil. The other really stupid thing in Star Trek is the chase. Kirk is being chased by an instadeath. A larger creature (impractical for an ice planet), kills the creature and doesn't eat it. Picture a hunter out to kill a deer. It kills a deer. It notices the deer is chasing a mouse. The hunter ignores the deer he just killed, and chases after the mouse. That's the decision JJ made. It's stupid, and it ruins everything he touches.

Some like that, and endless lens flare, but, personally, I find his obvious and deliberate decisions to be stupid and distracting.

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