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Comment Re: what would anyone do with 1691 tabs? (Score 1) 209

Bookmarks require leaving to find another. Load up all 1000 bookmarks at once, then ctrl-tab through them, skimming them at 1-2 seconds each, faster than the load time. No time needed wasted watching loading.

Also, since nobody has implemented a nag-bookmark, what do I do about the 3 to 20 products I am considering buying at any time? I don't want to bookmark the exhaust for my motorcycle. I buy it or not, and either way, I never need it again, once I make a decision. Having the tab(s) open help me remember to make a decision. If I close it, then I'm back to the start on which site had the best price on an Akropovic exhaust. Sure, I could make a new folder for the bookmarks, and throw them in there, but then, I'll forget about them. I ctrl-tab through my tabs at least once a day "Do I still need this?". It becomes a low-priority to-do list. Something bookmarks don't do well.

Comment Re:If the PS4 gets truly hacked (Score 0) 154

When someone invents real AI, in the 10 minutes between that and the apocalypse, the real fear of open SDK is that a conversion program could convert Xbox exclusives to PS4 and vice versa. Or take your photo, import it into the game and replace the graphics with real people. Yes, you could make yourself literally the star, but that's boring. Putting people you know into the expendable NPCs is the real horror show. Killing teachers and such.

Comment Re: Good (Score 1) 701

So if a bike obstructs a car, the bike is obstructing a bus? You are one of the idiot drivers that stays in the outside lane, having seen a bike ahead, so you can get up behind them and honk. If you had just changed lanes when you saw the bike, there'd have been no issue.

Bus lanes are garbage, they waste space because they are even less utilized than the buses themselves.

So if we have buses, and bus lanes, the bus shouldn't use the bus lane. Wow, you really are a complete idiot.

Comment Re: Good (Score 0) 701

Bikes don't obstruct buses. If anything we need a law that requires buses be in a bus lane if one is available. Too often, the buses take up all available lanes, passing their slower brethren at a road-block pace. Or, when traffic is flowing well, they'll stay out of the bus lane to avoid turning traffic, even when there is none.

Comment Re:Hmmm. (Score 2) 701

The fuel stations in OR collect lots of excise taxes today. How in the world will bicycle shops collect an excise tax, if the gas stations still haven't figured out excise taxes on gasoline or cigarettes they haven't been able to sell for 100 years because they couldn't solve this blindingly simple problem.

OMG, you found the one weakness in the whole plan! It's not like they could do like they do for cigarettes, and mark up the item by the tax, and give the "price" as the price with tax included, then send any tax to the government later, as VAT/GST/sales tax is handled everywhere in the world except for the USA.

Comment Re:Someone is attempting to hack everything (Score 1) 138

I've worked for a PHB, and he insists every non-conformant packet is an "attack", even when I had traced some of them back to a poorly written internal app. The idiot managers "alert" on every IPS/firewall hit/block, and claim every individual packet to be a separate "attack". Trying to justify his job, since his performance can't justify it. Numbers of "attacks" is meaningless without a clear definition of "attack".

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