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Comment I have seen so many unbacked up production DBs (Score 1) 418

It is scary how few companies backup their crap. I would be willing to bet that less than 30% of billion dollar companies (that really depend on their computers for day to day operations) could be back in operation in under 24 hours if they lost all their servers at once.

I wouldn't be surprised to find that a good percentage would be very screwed in the long term.

This is not only their data but the system as a whole. When I am consulting at most companies that are retiring servers I often suggest that they box them and put them in a safe place as a super emergency backup. The idea being that those servers are probably close to what they need to struggle along. This is after I have usually laid out a solid backup and disaster recovery plan. Seeing that most companies won't do a good backup then having some 2 year out of date servers might be better than nothing.

Comment I hate voicemail (Score 3, Funny) 210

I don't kind of hate voicemail but I really really hate it. With my provider I can't turn it off. So I have a voicemail saying, "Don't leave a voice mail." I got rid of a phone where I couldn't turn off the voicemail notifications.

Quite simply there should be a do not bother me law. Mail, phone, voicemail, or pretty much any government regulated resource that I have should not be available for people to market their crap. That includes charities and politicians.

I don't even want warnings. I turned on the weather warning texts that my local government offered and they basically spammed me with "Be prepared" or "There is a weather warning in a place so far away that I will never ever go there, ever." messages. I turned it off a day later. So if there is an alien invasion where they have guns that fire tornadoes, I still don't want a text or voicemail.

Comment I love OSS but GPL is for assholes (Score -1, Flamebait) 179

Open source is one of the greatest things to have happened in modern civilization. But people who push the GPL is are a bunch of douche-bag assholes. Stallman and his ilk don't do GPL so that their code can be free. But so they can have power over other coders. Often you will see GPL projects that "allow" a corporate license.

It is a nasty game they play. A GPL library will be "Standard" more and more until there really is no alternative. How is this any better than places like Microsoft?

Then the assholes will say, "Well if you don't like it then make your own library." The key here is that most of the people who probably contributed to the project didn't want it GPL but it was the only project in town.

I regularly have my company donate to many open source projects. These donations are pretty good (1-5k each) but we all fully agree that never in a million years would we donate to a GPL project or any over arching project ever.

Comment Oddly enough I see some assumptions bass-ackwards (Score 2) 274

I am around 50, I work with Computer Engineers (yes, with engineering degrees) with a typical age well under 30. They are some of the most conservative old school programmers I have worked with.

Happy with Python 2.6 because it was what they used last. Happy with C or C++ from the 90s. Unit testing... WTF is that good for? They pretty much live up to every stereotype of a 65 year old programmer.

Then it gets even better. They advocate a bastardized version of Agile when they are working on projects that are nearly a perfect fit for PMI style management. Yet they avoid innovation and change and actual agility like it is the bogeyman.

I have hived off a group of programmers who wanted to change (of mostly younger ages) and have my own dept that is now running circles around the bulk of the company. I am not sure what percentage of them want to come aboard, but it has hit a point where the old guard freak me out so much that I will probably only staff my department from new hires. (of any age as long as they are willing to innovate and grow as hard as they can)

Comment This is easy (Score 1) 123

Just make my existing things better. Noise cancelling headphones that actually cancel all noise. Not just background hums but ringtones, talking, airport announcements, etc.

Or make me an awesome mouse, or an awesome monitor, or something for my car, or pretty much anything.

But make it awesome for me, not awesome for Sony. For instance I got the Xperia phone with the 6 inch screen. In so many ways that phone was potentially great. Pictures in good light were great, screen was great, OS was responsive. But 16G of ram with the OS and the crap apps that I couldn't delete taking up most of that wasn't. I couldn't put most apps on the SD card, the phone would not let me have the control I wanted, such as blocking all apps from notifying me. For instance I don't want to know "What's New" I don't give a crap about what sony wanted me to know. I don't use voice mail and couldn't block the nearly non stop reminders that I had voicemail.

With a modest amount of small apps and a few pictures I was pretty much always at 85% full; and with 16G that 15% went fast.

I had a sony book reader and it couldn't read most formats. Back to the phone. The mapping app was always jerking around. The Gyros were pretty much always having a spasm attack; bluetooth was no fun at all. The battery was a microbe. It was complete crap. But the worst part was that it was 100% clear that Sony wasn't in my corner. They were more interested in appeasing the app makers and their own marketing department. Good job Sony. That might be the last product I will buy from you. But if you make things that are aimed to please. Such as noise cancelling headphones that don't do things "for my own protection" but really make the sounds from the outside world go away, then I will be back in spades.

Comment Only one way (Score 3, Interesting) 52

There is only one way to do electronic elections.

You can have an electronic ballot machine, and it will store and tabulate the votes.

The key part is that it also prints the ballot in large clear print showing what you picked. This paper ballot is the "source of truth". So the election will use the electronic ballots for a quick result. Any interested party can participate in scrutinizing the paper ballots and in the case of a discrepancy, the paper ballots will be used.

As for online voting, HELL NO.

Comment Close but no cigar (Score 0) 80

Making a slightly better Pi for a slightly higher price isn't going to turn heads. The pi just works. There is lots of code and it is a known quantity.

To beat the Pi there has to be some zing. Some problem that I am having needs to be solved.

I can think of a few things that would wow me(one or more would be great). Lots of RAM. Really small footprint. Really cheap. Very low energy usage. Really good GPU. The whole thing on a single chip. A zillion cores (even if they are slow). vxWorks Compatible. And what would be great would be a shipper in Canada who didn't charge way over MSRP and tag on a shittonne of shipping charges.

Basically, for a company to make what is effectively a next generation Pi is just dumb. The next generation Pi is probably around the corner anyway. Things like the Omega2 catch my interest. Super cheap, Low power and car run linux.

For instance. A ESP32 that could run linux would rock my world. That would basically end my pi buying days.

Comment SAS get sued so often it boggles my mind (Score 1) 161

Nearly every SAS customer I have heard of has either sued them or engaged in some serious name calling. How on earth does SAS not only continue to stay in business, but in many cases SAS will screw up royally, engage in a public fight with a company, only to have that company expand their SAS deployment.

When I see a company deploying SAS, I usually am seeing a company that has recently been taken over by MBAs. Maybe a big family company that is moving on to the third generation. Maybe a company where the founding engineers have retired. But it take a seriously shitty bunch of management to choose SAS. The sort of management that would believe some bullshit about this 60/40 thing without a few googles of how shitty SAS is.

Comment Hadoop is easly put to shame (Score 1) 150

I read a great article where one guy compared Hadoop to tools such as grep. I many fundamental ways he was able to use UNIX command line tools to wildly outperform Hadoop on what I would consider to be on the larger end of a typical company's data set.

To me Hadoop was the classic solution desperately in quest of a problem. The worst problem with that being so many people who jumped onto Hadoop and thought they were ass kickers for doing so.

The simple reality is that for most corporate datasets the tool of choice is a boring relational database and usually something like MySQL. The common capacity roadblocks aren't found within the tool but in the tool users.

But if you use a tool like Hadoop, or go NoSQL with a tool like MongoDB, you get to say (until people realize you are actually quite stupid) "my datastore is better than your datastore".

Comment Re:I seriously doubt this works... (Score 2) 142

Doesn't make as good an advertisement to the sucker investors. Zapped flash looks like unzapped flash. Unless it does something the sucker investors won't invest.

Think of the whole one-drop-of-blood exam. It played perfectly into the whole. "Why do you need to take so much?" question by non medical types.

Comment I already have a self destructing phone (Score 4, Funny) 142

Nearly every iPhone I have owned self destructed. The glass broke because it looked at it funny. The battery would become weak as a kitten because I abused it by actually charging and then using it. The touch sensor would start to ignore me. The sound regularly would go to crap. And with every OS upgrade on a slightly older model the phones would take another step toward the edge.

So, WOW, Apple gave me a free feature that I did even appreciate.

Comment Sorry Citation needed. Question not for this forum (Score 1) 477

Citation needed pretty much pisses me off. It makes sense that if someone writes an article about Clinton going to area 51 to meet the aliens we need at least a citation. But for so much more, not really.

But the one that sends me into a monitor punching rage is when I go to stack overflow and someone asks a solid and very useful "opinion" question and gets shut down with some crap about the question being not relevant to the forum or some crap. Asking for everyone's favourite cheese would not be appropriate. Asking for which is the best library for accessing bluetooth on a raspberry is. Or which is the best 3D modeling software for making models in Unity.

My simple litmus test of how badly stackoverflow is now failing us is that I would say that nearly 80% of the questions I am researching have some answers, but the discussion has been shutdown.

What is funny is that not one programmer that I know wants these shutdowns. Not a single one. And as for a "programming" question being more relevant. They go out of date as well. Ask how to convert a int to a string has probably changed in C++ two or more times in the last decade.

To be even more specific, I would say the general opinion questions are some of the most profound. For instance it is very nice to know if you have lost your Oracle database connection. But more importantly would be a question such as, "What is the best programming toolset for making portable iOS/Android games?"
I would read through the answers and maybe I would discover that Qt has brought up their game and is the best way, or someone might suggest different environments they tried and could suggest one for a first person, but another for the candy crush sorts. It is discussions like this that have profoundly changed what I do. It was right here on slashdot that I have discovered many interesting technologies such as who I use for hosting, who I use for domains, which IDE I use and even which languages I use. Needless to say these weren't asked in the format, "How do I print something to the screen in Visual Basic?"

Comment When your software is really an infection.. fail! (Score 1) 353

I use google docs. I do this through my browser. When I am not using google docs. It is not running on my computer. 365 starts out on most machines as bloatware that comes with the OS. Actually installing this slow pile of crap makes the computer waste time and energy when I am not using the software.

How about this Microsoft? When I am not using your pile of shit, how about not running that pile of shit 100 different ways in the background? I maybe use 365 once a month. Thus it should run.... let's all say it together..... once a month. Not all bloody month.

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