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Comment Re:The truth (Score 1) 270

Wow, you really drank the authoritarian kool-aid didnt you?
Meanwhile, people can just walk in at the North and South of your country.

The delay, arrogance and ignorance of US border officials is well known, and the economic consequences will continue to get worse, tourism is collapsing currently.

All of this, because you are scared of the remote possibility of a terrorist attack, you are literally in more danger of dying falling out of bed than by terrorism, you are even in far more danger from your own armed fellow citizens.

A brave nation does not give the terrorists exactly what they want.
Its sad to see a nation once respected world wide for its courage and intellect descend into a cowardly uneducated rabble.

The US, the only empire to go from rise to fall without an intervening period of civillisation.

Comment Re: Who cares about bathrooms? (Score 0) 587

You are the idiot Blue Strat, and no amount of sock puppet up mods will make you anything other than a tiny minded, regressive bigot, last centuries man, lost in the modern world, ranting his delusions.
Regressive, ideas so bad they created a surveillance state to enforce them, and continue to expand it.

Comment Re:Quick calculations... (Score 2) 35

From memory, The FES electric self launch system fitted to the new Alisport Silent, and LAK Mini self launching 13.5m sailplanes have 4kw/hr capacity from 2 x 15Kg LIPO packs, 22kw motor, controller and charger 20kg for an allup weight of 52kg.
This gives very good self launch, and about 45 min range at over 60kt, depending on conditions and pilot skills.
Cruise uses 4kw continous.
It might be possible to use mountain wave lift to cover significant distances too, particularly useful at night, supplementing the onboard charging system, even regeneterative charging using the motor could be possible.
The Perlan project would seem a good start to building this sort of sailplane.



Comment Re:I am skeptical (Score 1) 280

Your own link says the average number of tellers per branch has dropped from 22 to 13, and 57 thousand gone in thevlast 2 years.
The number of branches has dropped 10%.

Im guessing you are a city dweller, as the cuts are most of ften in rural and remote areas.

According to figures compiled by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. and supplied by the American Bankers Association, the number of U.S. bank employees has remained relatively stable. There were 2,110,276 employees in 2012, and 2,043,480 last year.

But the number of U.S. bank branches has declined precipitously from a peak of 99,540 in 2009 to 91,861 in the third quarter of 2016, according to the ABA.


The whole proposition that automation will increase jobs in anything other than the short term is patently ridiculous.

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