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Comment Re:The case for BREXIT (Score 1) 254

Oh, yet another brexshit deusion, who has the biggest market by far again, oh yeh, the EU. They will male it hurt bad.
The UK tarrifs wuld be an ant trying to bite an elephant. Bluffing? Crickey, even for a brexshitter you are dumb as a bowling ball.
Lols at the AC, im not that smart, didnt go to uni, just not stupid enough to believe the likes the excerable BoJo and Farage.
Enjoy your life in a third world shithole.

Comment Re:The case for BREXIT (Score 4, Informative) 254

So, when the traffic is jammed from the chunnel to Machester waiting for customs, hows that going to work out for you.
There is no way the EU will allow the UK to stay in the Union without the EUCJ.
You brexiters really are a fairly dim bunch.
As an expat watching from outside the whole area, its depressing to see the UK shoot itself in the foot with a whole rack of shotguns.
The whole case for Brexit was based on lies, the list goes on, but lets start with 350 million pounds a week for the NHS.
Any deal the UK gets will be either devastatingly punative, or situation same as before, with the same problems, but now you will have no say at all in Europe.
Heres a question for you, when a deal is made, do you support a referendum be held to vote on accepting it?
Im betting you dont, as you know that having realised their mistake on not voting in the first place, the voters would reject this dribbling idiocy, that will reduce the UK to third world status.
You say the EU is not a country, ignoring the fact that when it comes to trade, they are all under the same laws, effectively acting as one country, sorry that doesnt suit your nutty narrative, or are you just a liar like most of the Brexshitters?
We saw the writing on the wall in 1970 and got the hell out of a country that has now exported its best and brightest, and is left with its worst and dumbest, just like you.
Hal, heading for the cliff edge, foot firmly jammed on the throttle, crying "there is no cliff"

Comment Re: Register drones, but guns? (Score 1) 468

I can highly reccomend an Australian style confiscation/ buy back, that is if you want to send your children to school and have them come home at night safely. Guess you just dont care about the lives of innocents, as long as you can overcompensate your genital inadequacy.
Even those that initially were agaist it here mostly support now.
No t to mention the usual but Hillary/Obama tactic, eventually you RWNJ will have to take responsibility without trying to shift blame.

Comment Re:You think? (Score 1) 379

Nice story bro, pity China has been cancelling many of these proposed coal plants, as many as half already, they at least accept the simple proven science, being a country that is getting smarter, rather than one who is determined to dive itself over an intellectual cliff into irrelevance.

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